A Wedding Style Trend We're Loving Right Now: Cross-Back Chairs

Updated 05/12/14

Lisa Lefkowitz

The Chiavari chair has long been the most popular choice for weddings. And for good reason: It's classic, comes in a wide range of colors, and can be dressed up or down depending on your venue. But there's a new type of seating currently trending in the wedding world: the cross-back chair. Rustic and Tuscan in feel, this chair has wonderful clean lines and an elegant farmhouse feel. If you're looking to upgrade your rental chairs, the cross-back style is the perfect way to bring warmth and just the right amount of formality to your wedding.

Here are our favorite ways to incorporate them into your celebration:

Long Reception Tables (above): Dark mahogany cross-back chairs are the perfect touch to long dinner tables, as seen at this reception held at Beaulieu Garden in Rutherford, CA. We love the combination of cross-back chairs and long tables if you're trying to create a warm and intimate dinner-party feel.

Photos: Jose Villa

Round Reception Tables: The chairs look equally good when paired with standard round tables and neutral linen colors like taupe or oatmeal. Also, the cross-back style perfectly complements more rustic settings like this, as well as open-air and tented receptions.

Photos: Jose Villa

At the Ceremony: How chic do these all-white versions look at this outdoor ceremony at Durham Ranch? The soft white beautifully contrasts with the lush, green tree-lined setting.

Photos: Jose Villa

At the Ceremony: For this couple's ceremony, held outdoors in an apple orchard, they chose black cross-back chairs and lined the aisle with white floral arrangements on shepherd's hooks. A pianist performed on a black baby grand piano as the bride walked down the aisle, and the glossy black chairs played off of the ceremony's formal feel.

Photos: Jose Villa

Without Table Linens: When the chairs are paired with rustic farmhouse tables, the wood textures blend so nicely together that there's no need to add a table linen.

Photos: Jose Villa

At the Sweetheart or Head Table: The cross-back chairs are also the perfect backdrop for cute signage declaring your new titles. These hand-lettered driftwood signs were by Julie Song Ink.

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