This Croatian Underwater Winery Is Honeymoon Goals

Just like Ariel dreamt it

You've got mermaid hair, mermaid toast, mermaid smoothies, mermaid now it's time for mermaid wine. If a Croatian honeymoon wasn't already on your travel bucket list, an underwater winery will make it jump right to the top. Enter Edivo Vina, Croatia's first underwater winery, where your wine is literally put into a sunken ship.

We've already sung the praises of heading to Croatia on a dream honeymoon: beautiful beaches, top-notch cuisine, and even Uber boats. But now, the It beach destination of 2017 is adding extreme wine tasting to its long list of attractions. The country's first underwater winery has officially opened to visitors, and yes you can dive for your own wine. Edivo Vina, located on the peninsula of Pelješac, has created a unique process where it ages its wine under sea. And the results must be seen, and tasted, to be believed.

Edivo Vina's owners have created a process where wine is aged on dry land first, then bottled in glass (and corked, of course), covered in two layers of rubber (no seawater in your wine!), and enclosed in an amphorae. The amphorae are then put into cages and immersed in the Adriatic Sea. The cages are padlocked to prevent any theft. About 700 days later, when it's time to recover them, the wine bottles are covered in seashells—because we wouldn't have our mermaid wine any other way.

The best part is, you can dive to visit the winery yourself. Edivo Vina offers limited outings to scuba dive and visit the underwater wine cellars in person. If that's not the ultimate wine lover's honeymoon adventure, we don't know what is.

Not dying to scuba for your wine? Not to worry, Edivo Vina boasts two wine-bar locations where you can taste the under-the-sea treasures without ruining that honeymoon blow dry. Just like Ariel would have had it.

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