7 Fresh Takes on the Wedding Guestbook

Updated 10/02/14

Austin Gros

Everyone has seen that standard, run-of-the-mill wedding guestbook. The problem is, most guests have already written a thoughtful note in their card, and thinking of another heartwarming message on the spur of the moment doesn't always come so easily. So couples are either left with a book of signatures or a series of half-hearted messages. The solution? An alternative guestbook! Couples are getting creative and offering guests alternatives to the blank book, like photo albums or prompts, which are ultimately more meaningful and are sure to be treasured for years to come. Here are some of our favorite creative guestbooks:

The Dictionary (above)

This couple provided a beautiful dictionary with a note inviting guests to circle a word they felt described the bride and groom as a pair, and then sign their name by the choice. It's a super sweet idea, and you can neatly tuck the dictionary away on bookcase and take out on special days.

The Picnic Table

This couple wanted guests to leave their mark on something they could enjoy each and everyday, so they asked guests to use paint pens and sign a piece of stained yellow pine. They used a chalkboard to instruct guests to sign the plank that would ultimately become the centerpiece of their backyard picnic table.

The Vintage Typewriter

Typewriters have become a popular alternative to the classic guestbook, and for good reason! Taking the time to type out your message gives you the opportunity to collect your thoughts, and whether you share a message big or small, the antique-style feels special. Plus, they provided gold wax seals, so the entire process of "signing" the guest book was a fun and interactive part of their wedding reception.

The Photo Album

What's easier than snapping your photo and leaving it for the bride and groom? This couple capitalized on their Old Hollywood theme and provided cameras for guests to photograph themselves and create a hilarious album for the bride and groom to take home.

Jonathan Young

The Art Piece

To make sure they could see their guestbook daily, this couple created a piece of art that guests could sign. Their two thumbprints overlap to make a heart and friends and family signed their names in the available space.

Michele Hart

The Puzzle

Consider offering a puzzle for guests to sign. It's meaningful (since each guest leaves their mark on one piece of your puzzle) and practical (since there's just enough space to sign a name). Friends and family won't feel pressured to leave long notes, and you and your groom can bring it out and rebuild the pieces to remember your wedding.

(c) photojj.com

The Map

This is an especially great idea if you're hosting a destination wedding or have guests from around the world. Have your friends and family sign a map from their hometown, or a place that hold meaning for them. This couple used a print on cloth that they could then hang, but a classic paper map would look beautiful framed, too!

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