It's in the Details: Creative Napkin Ideas for Your Reception

Updated 08/10/15

Feather + Stone

Dress up the reception tables with a creative, out-of-the-box napkin fold your guests have never seen before. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Gathered to the Side (above): For an elegant-yet-unfussy look, gather the napkin and tie it with ribbon before draping it diagonally across the plate.

Rectangle: A simple folded rectangle shape looks clean and casual.

Double Fold: Or, for an even more relaxed look, take the folded rectangle and fold it in half lengthwise once more.

Photo: Aaron Delesie

Rolled: Another idea would be to tightly roll each cloth napkin; then, use a calligraphed paper napkin ring to hold the shape.

Photo: Austin Gros

Draped: A popular look these days is to fold the napkin in thirds lengthwise, then elegantly drape the ends down the side of the table.

Photo: Diana McGregor Photography

Square with Pocket: A perennially popular idea is to fold the napkin into a square, leaving a little sleeve to tuck the napkin into.

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