6 Inventive Ways to Light Up Your Wedding

Updated 10/30/14

Twah Dougherty

Great lighting can completely transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary — wedding ceremony and reception venues included. While your wedding space is probably already gorgeous, a few inventive and showstopping lighting details can seriously elevate the vibe into something super romantic and whimsy. Classic candlelight is a simple way to achieve a twinkling look, but we found six fresh ways to brighten up your big day.

Space-Defining Lighting

When you're tying the knot in a large, open space, like a beach or field, it's difficult to decorate the entire space. Use pretty lighting to define where you want guests to be, like the hanging lights suspended over the table seen above and the glowing lanterns in the backdrop.

Scalloped Bunting Lights

While plenty of people use fairy lights as part of their reception décor, we love the look of this option. The couple had their strands hung like bunting, which resulted in a scalloped look that feels romantic and welcoming. Plus, it helps make those gorgeous wood beams and high ceiling feel like they're part of the reception space.

Filament Light Bulb Chandelier

This simple chandelier of hanging filament light bulbs will certainly turn heads at your reception. It's an easy DIY project that makes a huge impact on your wedding style. Just think of how romantic the look will be once night falls on the tent.

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Luminaries are an inexpensive way to make a big impact on your space. This couple lined the beach pathway to their reception tent with the glowing bags.


Rafter Lighting

Hung at intervals across your ceiling like a tent, simple strands of lighting help redefine your space. This looks pulls the eye forward and makes a larger space feel intimate and cozy.

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Backdrop Lighting

Inventive lighting isn't just limited to the ceiling. Consider a twinkling backdrop for you nuptials, like this pretty lit wall, which makes for some incredible wedding photos.

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