Crazy Wedding DJ Requests You Just Won’t Believe

From inappropriate song requests to strip teases, they've heard it all

Updated 07/15/18

Photo by Vienna Glenn Photography

Weddings can truly be the party of a lifetime, especially when unique things happen that guests may have never seen anywhere else. But if you look at a wedding through the eyes of different wedding vendors, who are consistently at weddings almost every single weekend, the things they see can top just about any crazy story you’ve ever heard. One wedding vendor in particular—wedding DJs—often sit down with the couple before the wedding to talk through musical details, i.e. what will be their first dance song, if they will do dances with their parents, and what time speeches will be. But for some DJs, the conversations have taken quite a weird turns over the years.

Here are four of the craziest wedding DJ requests from brides and grooms that are so odd you just won’t believe them to be true.

An End of the Night Strip Tease

“At the end of the final meeting between myself, the bride, groom and her parents, the bride and groom said that there’s one last thing that we must discuss. It’s become a tradition that at every wedding the groom attends, that he performs a strip tease. Right down to his boxers. Taken aback, I ask if everyone is on-board with this, and everyone, including the bride’s parents are all good. And with that, I agree to do it.” – Michael Coombs, DJ at Michael Coombs Entertainment

A Mother of the Bride Extreme Entrance

“We once had a Mother of the Bride insist on making an overly dramatic entrance for her reception welcome speech. It started with having us fill the space with copious amounts of fog and then for her to sneak up from behind the scenes and 'suddenly appear' in the clearing haze, all to the Phantom of the Opera theme song booming throughout the ballroom.” – Martin Ramirez, DJ for Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Resort

A Full-On Performance

“Hands down, I worked the craziest, most non-traditional wedding ever in Brooklyn. The couple asked me to play the 'Love Theme' from Superman (groom) and 'Jurassic Park Theme' as they walked down the aisle. They also had a surprise flash mob, which was a choreographed dance to Backstreet Boy's "Everybody" and throughout the night, there were five performances of comedy, music, and full-on puppetry by friends.” – Brent Fierro, a Brooklyn-Based DJ

A Few Inappropriate Song Requests

“We once had a request for a Hip Hop song called 'I Hate You Bit*h' and one of the guests told us the name of the person he wanted it dedicated to (apparently she was there). I politely told him, 'I'm sorry, I can't do that. I can only play clean versions and though I have the clean version, I can't make that dedication.' I decided to avoid it all together and not play it at all. We also have gotten a request from a bride, who wanted to hear 'Pus*y Control' by Prince. She and her significant other argued about us playing it, but since she was the bride, I had to play it. She danced and sang along the whole time.” – Jason Rubio, founder and co-owner of Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths

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