7 Crazy U.S. Marriage Laws You Won't Believe Are Real

Dealing with everything from kissing cousins to abused mother-in-laws

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Wanna hear a crazy marriage law in America? You are legally allowed to marry your cousin in 20 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Additionally, according to usmarriagelaws.com, six more states apparently allow it under "certain circumstances." TBD if those are, like, "true love" or that "he's a really good kisser." (Note: In the state of Arizona, for example, it's actually that both are sixty-five years old or older, or can prove to a judge they're unable to reproduce.)

Very intrigued (and a little disturbed) by this information, we decided to do some digging to uncover other whacko U.S marriage laws currently in existence.

See below for your viewing/cringing pleasure!

1. Marriage is No Joke

Remember that Friends episode where a very drunk Rachel and Ross decide it would be hilarious to get married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel? Good news is that you're welcome to pull that stunt in Delaware, and you can legally annul your marriage no problem if “one or both parties entered the marriage as a jest or dare.”

2. A Mother-in Law Between You

We all know the tired assumption that you and your mother-in-law may never end up bffs, but if multiple reports on the internet are to be believed, in Wichita, Kansas, mistreating your mother-in-law is grounds for divorce.

3. RSVP "No" To Your Own Wedding

Don't feel like showing up to your ceremony? If you live in California, Colorado, Texas, or Montana, you don't have to in order to be legally wed. These states allow for “marriage by proxy,” so either the groom or the bride can have someone attend the ceremony in his or her place.

4. Fourth Time. Isn't. the Charm

If you couldn't make it work the first three go-arounds, Kentucky is assuming the fourth time isn't going to play out in your favor either, so the state has made it illegal to marry the same man four times. (Seriously, girl, t's time to delete his number.)

5. Drunk in Love

"We be all night"-ing may be great for you guys as a couple on a personal level, but not so great if you're looking to get a marriage license in the state of Mississippi or Tennessee. "In no event shall a license be issued by the Circuit Clerk when it appears to the Circuit Clerk that either of the applicants is drunk," says usmarriagelaws.com

6. No Ulterior Motives Allowed

Have you ever been hoodwinked by a sleazy dude who promised to love you forever just so he could literally get up under your hood (if you know what we're saying...)? Well, those womanizers are criminals in South Carolina. Under South Carolina’s Offenses Against Morality and Decency Act, proposing to a woman in order to seduce her is considered a misdemeanor for any man over the age of 16.

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7. Pajamas Required

And for our very last crazy marriage law, we're talking about the super fun topic of nudity. In the infamous town of Salem, Massachusetts, "married couples are forbidden from sleeping in the nude in rented rooms."

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