The Craziest Things Real Mothers-In-Law Have Done at Weddings

Updated 11/18/15

New Line/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Think your mother-in-law is actually a monster-in-law? You may think differently after you read what these real mothers-in-law did to these brides on their wedding days.

"After the wedding, my mother-in-law came up to me — not to tell me I looked beautiful or welcome me to the family — but to tell me how excited she was that my husband's ex-girlfriend was in attendance. She then asked if she could move her place card and sit next to his ex-girlfriend because she had always been her favorite. I wanted to die. My relationship with her has never been the same." — Kate

"My mother-in-law wore a white, beaded, full-length gown, (yes, she wore a wedding gown to a wedding that was not hers) to my wedding. She then yelled at me when the florist got the flowers wrong. The flowers were wrong for the whole wedding, but the ceremony was starting in an hour — what was I supposed to do? I felt as though she had no respect for me. And, as time went on, her behavior did nothing to dispel that feeling. I've been divorced from her son for three years, and I do not miss her. Not one bit." — Stacey

"My mother-in-law came up to me in the middle of our wedding, and said she was taking her friends and family to the after-party at her hotel. I said, 'But the party isn't over yet', because we still had about another hour-and-a-half left at our reception. She said she understood if I couldn't leave now, but she was leaving and taking her friends with her. I was pretty shocked and still somewhat hurt since she hasn't apologized for it." — Ivonne

"I wore an eggshell wedding gown, and my bridesmaids were dressed in silvery-grey knee length dresses. I spoke with my soon to be mother-in-law, well in advance of the wedding about our color scheme, and I requested that she wear blue. I even went to her favorite department store and picked out the shade of blue and style of dress that I wanted her to wear for the wedding. It was well within her budget, and well ahead of time. To my horror, on my wedding day, my mother-in-law was standing in the front pew of the church decked out from head-to-toe in silver sequins! I didn't take any photos with her. I felt so disrespected and angry." — Sheridan

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