10 Couples Who Got Engaged This Weekend

These proposals were creative AF

Updated 01/29/18

Joe And Robin Photography

This weekend brought on some pretty creative proposals and with it, even better #BridesRings selfies. From an acrobat dancer popping the question onstage to a snowy mountain-top ring selfie that was perfectly edited, everyone can take notes from these couples. If your intuition is telling you that your proposal is coming next, don't forget to tag your pictures with #BridesProposals or #BridesRings to get featured! Until then, you can swoon over these over-the-moon happy couples.

The Black Diamond slope wasn't the only diamond to be a part of this couple's ski trip!

If their just-engaged expression isn't pure bliss, nothing is.

Popping the question in front of an insanely beautiful view (like Toronto's skyline) practically guarantees an Instagram-worthy proposal picture.

This acrobatic duo made their love official in front of a cheering audience—how many others can say that?!

Home is where the heart is, which makes it the perfect place to pop the question.

This bride-to-be's caption speaks for itself and we're not crying, you are!

This bride-to-be's first night at her new apartment also turned into the first night of her being engaged!

All this guy wanted for his birthday was to make his girlfriend his fiancé. Mission success.

This picture proves saying "yes" brings on a whirlwind of emotions, just not from the bride, but from the groom too!

He brought their relationship to the next level and that deserves ALL the fist bumps.

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