Real Couples Share What Part of Wedding Planning They Fought Over the Most

"My husband did not think that a dress should cost over $3,000."


Wedding planning isn't for the faint of heart.

Though it's all for the ultimate celebration of love for a lifetime, the details, expenses, and decisions can get overwhelming and even downright stressful.

It's safe to say that tensions can get a bit high, and sometimes even the most supportive and communicative couples end up arguing while wedding planning.

If this is you, you're not alone. BRIDES asked real couples to share what part of wedding planning they fought over the most. Here's what they had to say:

"We didn’t really fight about it because we were on the same page, but the biggest hurdle we had was dealing with my mother-in-law’s friends. She was more worried about her group of friends than any other part of our wedding and it was super stressful for us." —Caitlin, 32

"The damn seating chart. The logistics were a nightmare until we decided we didn't really care and started mixing groups wherever we had to. Ultimately, we wanted people dancing and partying and only sitting to eat their meal anyway. Once we decided our energy was better off used elsewhere, it was fine." — Nicole, 31

"Nothing really. My husband is super chill." — Jennifer, 43

"Our biggest point of disagreement during wedding planning, surprisingly, was the cost of my dress. My husband did not think that a dress should cost over $3,000. Obviously, there’s a lot on the market the cost way more than that, and I had my eye on a $6,000 dress. I did wind up finding a dress that I loved more that was just over $3000." — Heather, 39

"Our biggest fights were always over my mother-in-law being so opinionated and emotional over the choices we were making that she didn’t agree with. I could go on and on." — Lindsay, 30

"We definitely fought the most about flowers. My husband thought it was absolutely ridiculous to spend so much money on something that would die within a couple of days." — Josephine, 28

"I wanted to elope to avoid the time and money it would take to plan and host a wedding. He wanted a wedding. We had a wedding. It was nice, and I don’t regret it, but given the choice again I would decide to elope!" — Lauren, 42

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