Couples Married for 0-65 Years Answer: What Marriage Advice Do You Wish You Had Been Given?

These lovebirds are weighing in on their best ways to make a marriage last.

Whether you've been married for 60 minutes or 60 years, every married couple knows that relationships take work. Even in the happiest marriages, couples need to figure out how to give their relationship time, energy, and love. From sharing the chore workload to overcoming adversities together, there is so much couples can learn about making their love last.

Brides spoke to a handful of couples who have been married anywhere from 5.5 hours to 65 years, and asked every couple the same question: What marriage advice do you wish you had been given? While some of the duos have been together much longer than others, each couple had their own unique ideas of what it takes to make a healthy, happy marriage last.

"People show their love in different ways. Her love comes in a full culinary meal that's amazing. Mine is a just-because gift, so it's different, and you shouldn't compare or have expectations of what that love looks like," one couple, who had been married for 84 days at the time of the filming, told Brides.

"Compromise is the biggest advice I wish I would have received. Meeting someone in the middle of, look, I know this is something I don't wanna do, but, if this will make you happier, let's find a happy medium," said one couple, who had been married for six years. They added, "And, I think if someone had told me to just check selfishness at the door it would have been really helpful at the very beginning."

But these sweet couples aren't the only ones with plenty of long-lasting love. One adorable couple, Dean and Doris Fager from Topeka, Kansas, is celebrating their 70th year together—and clearly they know a thing or two about making love last.

“Some people gripe about everything,” Dean told CJ Online. “We try to stay away from that. I think just learn to get along, because you’re going to have differences, but you’ve got to learn to accept them and get on with your life.”

His wife also had some of her own advice.

“I don’t think there’s a secret,” she said, but added that being grateful is a big part of it. “Be thankful for what you have instead of dwelling on what you don’t have.”

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