This Couple Took Their Entire Wedding Party to Target to Buy Gifts for Toys For Tots

They are taking a charity registry to the next level

Updated 12/20/18

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Normally, a mid-wedding interruption could be seen as disastrous, but this one couldn't have been sweeter: A couple recently took their entire wedding party to Target—in the middle of their actual wedding day!—to buy gifts to be donated to Toys for Tots.

There are a few ways to add in seasonal touches to your holiday wedding. You can serve spiked hot chocolate cocktails and play on-theme tunes, for example. Brad and Jessica Bond, however, opted to really make their big day all about the season of giving. The couple tied the knot on December 15 in Orlando, Florida, and in lieu of wedding gifts, took their wedding guests on a shopping spree—but not for themselves. In their wedding best, the newlyweds headed to Target and gave everyone in their wedding party $10 gift cards, which they used to shop for gifts for children donated through Toys for Tots.

This good deed wasn’t only because the Bonds's wedding date was close to Christmas. They've been giving back ever since they started dating. "It's something that has been a tradition for us ever since we started dating," Jessica told local NBC affiliate WESH. Brad’s family had been donating to Toys for Tots for years, and when he met Jessica seven years ago, he even took her to Target to buy toys for underprivileged kids on their first date. “We pulled in the parking lot of Target,” Brad told WESH. “I explained my parents have always made Christmas special for me... [and] if we can make some kids smile on Christmas, didn’t matter if it was one day, or a relationship, it was successful.”

Brad told News 13 that he and Jessica now do their Toys for Tots shopping every year for their anniversary. “We’ll start shopping clearance toys, usually around September/October, and we just stockpile them in our garage,” explained Brad.

The groom knew he wanted their tradition to be a part of their wedding day, but didn’t know how his then bride-to-be would react. “When I first thought about doing this at our wedding, I was like, I don’t know how she’s going to respond when I ask her if she’ll go to Target in a wedding dress,” Brad told News 13. “I asked her, and she immediately lit up and was all for it. And if I didn’t know I had the woman of my dreams before, that cemented it.”

Their guests also seemed to love traipsing about the aisles of Target in heels and suit jackets. “I think it’s wonderful,” said Eric LaRoche, the best man. “I’ve never seen this done before. It’s a great benefit for all the kids. There are so many that are in need.”

As for the bride, she couldn’t have been happier to devote part of her big day to the needs of others. “I absolutely love it,” Jessica told WFTV. “I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

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