Couple Loses Wedding Venue Due to Government Shutdown

The bride and groom say they can't get in touch with anyone regarding the matter

Updated 01/11/19

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When Brad Krzyzanowski popped the question to Maggie Chardell, he had another special surprise for his fiancé: He had already reserved their wedding reception venue, a cabin in the woods at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The bride was thrilled about the location as it held sentimental value to her. “It has an extra meaning to us because it’s the last vacation we went on with my dad,” Chardell said. “He passed away the October following that.”

According to Oklahoma outlet News9, the groom had even set the date of their big day to be Father’s Day, adding another layer of emotion to their nuptials. But their exciting plans came to a halt when they recently received a letter from the government that read in part, “Your reservation on Sunday, June 16, 2019 has been canceled due to administration.”

“I woke up. I saw this email. I said, ‘Oh. That’s weird. That must not be correct,’” Krzyzanowski said.

Since receiving the note, the couple have been unable to get in touch with anyone regarding the matter. They have left several voicemails but only received automated responses such as “Due to the partial federal government shutdown we are unable to respond to your voicemails,” and, “If you have a reservation or location during the lapse in funding, it may not be honored.”

“It’s frustrating,” Chardell said. “I mean it’s the second longest shutdown,” Krzyzanowski said.

While the couple's wedding wasn't scheduled for another few months, there is still uncertainty as to whether or not the bride and groom will get their venue back. Krzyzanowski and Chardell told the outlet that they are most concerned for the federal workers not receiving paychecks, people losing out on mortgages and others who are more immediately impacted by the shutdown. However, they did want to highlight how the government closure might affect others with government-owned wedding venues.

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