Couple Discovers They Received Wedding Cake Stuffed With Foam

"The woman we paid to do the food has ruined my wedding."

Updated 01/04/19

Jeffrey Hamilton

Once the vows have been exchanged, diving into dessert is a well-deserved newlywed rite of passage, especially after months of high-stress planning. One couple, though, unfortunately couldn't indulge in this reception tradition, after discovering the wedding cake they had paid for had been stuffed with polystyrene foam.

Per Mirror, Shine Tamayo and her groom Jhon Chen were allegedly scammed by both their "wedding planner" and "caterer" at their nuptials in the Philippines last month. On the outside, the two-tier cake they received the day of reportedly appeared normal, coated in icing, but a cut into the dessert at the reception revealed the disgusting and inedible interior. According to Mirror, the couple dropped 140,000 pesos (about $7,200) on the confection, which obviously wasn't what they ordered.

Understandably upset, Tamayo immediately went to a local police station to resolve the matter. Law enforcement officials confirmed the fake wedding cake's foam base, covered in black and red icing.

"The woman we paid to do the food has ruined my wedding," the dejected bride told The Mirror. "I have never been so humiliated in all my life. This was supposed to be one of my most treasured memories for my entire life. Instead it is the worst."

The dessert fiasco was just one piece of the disastrous pie (er, cake)—the pair learned immediately after the ceremony in Pasig City that the reception food they ordered was also completely M.I.A., so they had to quickly resort to a fast food restaurant to satiate their guests.

Although Chen and Tamayo's big day may have sadly gone horribly awry in the food department, some justice will (hopefully) be served. After investigating the cake and proof of the couple's payments, police reportedly arrested the culprit on fraud charges and plan to press charges. "We have confirmed that a large amount of money was paid for the service which was not delivered adequately," a spokesperson told Mirror. "The provider has been interviewed and we intend to take the case to a trial."

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