6 Costs You Can Cut for Your Bridesmaids

If you really want them to be a part of your day, make it an honor they can afford

Updated 11/27/18

Photo by Gianluca & Mary Adovasio

If you’re looking to set the bar high in terms of goals you want to have for yourself when it comes to wedding planning, why not start with your bridesmaids? Learning that they have to pay for more than they imagined or can afford is one of the biggest pet peeves of any best friend or sibling you've asked to serve as a member of your bridal party. Rather than asking your bridesmaids to take out a small loan to afford all the things you want them to do and buy, find ways to save them money, or cut out some expenses altogether. Start with the list below of costs you can easily cut for your bridesmaids.

1.The Bridesmaid Dress

While it might be tempting to pick out a specific dress style and brand that you absolutely adore and have always imagined your bridesmaids wearing, one big cost you can cut out is a brand new dress. Instead, you can pick a color, or a couple of shades of a color, and ask your bridesmaids to pick a dress they already own that fits those specifications. If they don’t have anything that matches, you can even encourage them to borrow a dress from a friend, or suggest shops that aren't as expensive.

2. Paying For Hair and Make-Up

One big expense that can creep up on your bridesmaids last-minute is the cost of getting their hair and makeup done on your wedding day. If you hire a team to perform those services, it can cost your friends upwards of $100 for them to get glammed up. Instead, let them DIY their own look or cover the cost of these services for them as their gift and a big thank-you for taking on the role of being a bridesmaid at your wedding.

3. Bachelorette Party Accommodations and Travel

If spending seems to be something that is stressing out your bridesmaids and making them feel a bit down on the entire wedding experience, opt-out of planning an elaborate bachelorette party that has your squad hopping on a plane and booking a weekend-long hotel room. Instead, do something locally. You can still have the most memorable bachelorette party of your life by doing things that are close by. Plus, you’ll save your bridesmaids hundreds of dollars just by eliminating the costs of flights and hotel rooms.

4. Any Type of Formal Wedding Gift

By the time your wedding comes around, your bridesmaids will have spent quite a lot on a bunch of different expenses. Instead of making them feel like they have to spend another chunk of cash on a wedding gift, let them know ahead of time that you appreciate every single thing they have done and you consider all of that the best, and only, wedding gift they need to give you. Communicating that ahead of time will put them at ease and set expectations.

5. Taking Off Time From Work

While it might not be an obvious way of saving your bridesmaids money, planning pre-wedding events that don’t require your bridesmaids to take days off work can help them out financially. That way, they can save their vacation days for their own time off or emergencies that pop up along the year without having to take any paid time off.

6. Bridal Shower Decorations

If you find yourself getting Pinterest obsessed and wanting to have the kind of bridal shower that looks like it should go viral on social media, either take a few steps back on the number of decorations you have or buy them yourself, without dipping into the pockets of your bridesmaids. While there’s no set plan for who should pay for the bridal shower, if it’s something you can ask your family members to help with over your bridesmaids, that is one more way you can save them a lot of money.

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