Corbin Bleu's Wedding Vows Are Every Bride's Worst Nightmare

The 'High School Musical' star's wedding vows took a very, very dirty turn

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Sure, he had the moves to wow his guests during his first dance, but newlywed Corbin Bleu's wedding vows definitely were not as smooth as his kick-ball-change. In case you forgot, the High School Musical star wed his sweetheart, actress Sasha Clements, on July 23, 2016. "Getting married to Sasha today was the best moment of my life," Bleu previously shared soon after saying "I do." But the day wasn't without its hiccups of course. The groom's wedding vows were a little, err, unusual to say the least...

Bleu stopped by Live with Kelly where he dished with the host on his overall unforgettable wedding day. But it turns out that it was his vows that were unforgettable, but for not exactly the best of reasons!

"We wrote our own vows," Bleu told Kelly Ripa, who immediately asked for all of the romantic details—and, oh boy, Bleu did not disappoint. "Of course we talked about being faithful to each other, putting each other as number one," the former Disney star began. "There was one that, as I was writing it, I knew this was something I was saying to her," Bleu explained. "And I forgot her father was sitting right there." Uh-oh. This can't be going anywhere good.

"I said I vow to pleasure you," Bleu revealed. What?!

"And it created that!" the actor said, referencing the studio audience's immediate laughter. But his vow faux pas didn't end there. "I kept going! I couldn't stop myself," Bleu said recalling more of his uncomfortable vows. "'I want to make sure to push those buttons everyday,'" he said. "And it just kept going! It was just this train that we couldn't get off of."

"I literally would've tackled you," said Ripa, voicing what every bride-to-be was thinking. "I hope her dad's not watching." Don't worry—he caught the show first-hand.

Friendly reminder to grooms of the world: Details of your sex life? Not appropriate wedding vow fodder.

Catch the full clip of Corbin Bleu and Kelly Ripa's cringe-worthy conversation here:

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