Don't Fall for These 5 Common Wedding Flower Mistakes

Pro tips for avoiding the most common floral faux pas

Updated 08/06/15

Photo by Ashley Ludaescher Photography

Let's be honest: flowers can make or break your big day (as evidenced by Kim and Kanye)! So if you want your wedding to be a blooming success, we suggest you listen to these pro tips to avoid any major floral faux pas.

1. Choosing the wrong size (and season) of boutonniere blooms

A common mistake Lucy Diaz-Flores, Creative Director of Bella Flora in Dallas, Texas, sees is brides selecting flowers that are too big for the groomsmen's boutonnieres. "Go small and petite," she advises. "Also, during the summer months, pick hardier flowers that will hold up to the heat, such as freesia, miniature calla lilies or a cluster of berries."

2. Trying to recreate a risky Pinterest floral trend

For example, brides right now are really loving tables and centerpieces loaded with open-flame tapered candles, says Holly Heider of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTD. "This is fabulous for a photo shoot, however for the most part, is not allowed in venues. Even at private residences, it's against the fire code in a tent," she warns. "There are battery-operated candles and chase candles that look like real tapered candles and work wonderfully as an alternative though."

3. Not communicating the timeline to your florist

Often, couples forget to talk to their florist about the time they would like their bouquets and boutonnieres to be delivered, notes NY-based wedding planner Viva Max Kaley, creator of Viva Max Weddings. If you're taking photos before the ceremony, she recommends having your personal flowers delivered early. "Don't forget to figure out a game plan so your blooms can be in all your formal shots," she says. Most importantly, make sure you choose flowers that do well out of water and will look beautiful whole time.

Lisa O'Dwyer

4. Assuming you can donate leftover flowers easily

While it's wonderful to want to share the abundance with those less fortunate or in bad health, it's not always possible to just drop off flowers at a hospital or nursing home, cautions Karen Bussen, founder and owner of Simple Stunning in NYC. "Many have rules and regulations, and some charities that pick up leftover flowers will require an additional donation to cover the costs of getting your generously donated blooms after midnight when the party's over."

5. Selecting flowers with strong aromas

You can opt for sweet-smelling flowers during the ceremony, but for the reception and dinner, Kelli Corn of Kelli Corn Weddings & Events says it's a good idea to go with ones that won't overpower the food. "Strong fragrances can also cause guests with allergies to become uncomfortable," she warns.

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