In Honor of Valentine's Day: 4 Types of Roses for Your Bridal Bouquet

Updated 08/16/19

Christina Park for Brides

When it comes to romance, nothing feels more appropriate than a rose. While this classic bloom gets a bad reputation for being staid and formal, we're here to tell you that the rose is still very much so in style. Whether it's a bouquet of long-stems for Valentine's Day or a bundle of romantic garden roses for your walk down the aisle, there's a fresh and modern way to use this classic flower any time of the year. With the rose's big day upon on, we wanted to demystify this perennially popular bloom and highlight four of the most popular petals (there are over 100 varieties of roses!) to love on your big day and beyond.

Classic Roses

This is the bloom that pops in your head when you hear "rose," but that doesn't make the classic, standard rose any less lovely. Known for their deep hues, long life, and layered petals, a standard rose will love just as modern in a bouquet as any other flower. The key is to keep the arrangement light and fresh to avoid that traditional, antiquated look that was popular for years.

Free Spirit Roses

With a beautiful yellow-and-peach ombré hue, it's no surprise that brides love to add free spirit roses to their bouquets. Their ruffled petals add bulk and texture to your bouquet, too, and since it's a hardier bloom it's an ideal choice for warm-weather weddings since it will stay fresher longer.

Garden Roses

While there are tons of varieties of garden roses, the most popular picks for wedding bouquets tend to be cabbage roses and the David Austin or Juliet rose. Known for their layered petals (seriously, these babies can boast over 100 folded layers!) and massive size, brides love to substitute a garden rose for pricier blooms like peonies.

Spray Roses

Characterized by their tiny size and adorable clusters, spray roses are a great addition to any bouquet or a nice focal point in a posy or boutonniere. Available in tons of colors, a spray rose is an affordable way to bulk up any arrangement with a hint of classic charm.

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