Why Colton Underwood Is Returning Cassie Randolph's Engagement Ring

She's not exactly a fan of the blingy style

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood

John Fleenor / Getty Images

When Colton Underwood didn't propose to Cassie Randolph on the final episode of The Bachelor (in a shocking turn of events), the show's producers didn't see any reason to provide him with the usual Neil Lane engagement ring. Not wanting the duo to feel left out, shortly after the episode aired, Jimmy Kimmel arranged for the well-known jeweler to give Underwood a ring for whenever he's ready to pop the question. But while the pair thanked Kimmel for the ring and hinted that they'll likely be getting engaged in the near future, in a new teaser for an upcoming episode of the Lady Gang talk show, Underwood admits that they actually returned that Neil Lane ring and are on the hunt for one that better fits Randolph's style.

In the episode, the Lady Gang hosts criticize Underwood for the ring's style—it's a square-cut, three-carat diamond set in a platinum band and surrounded by a double halo made up of 162 smaller brilliant-cut diamonds—calling him an "idiot" and comparing the blindingly blingy piece to "a Super Bowl ring." For his part, Underwood reminds everyone that he wasn't actually the one who picked out the ring. "I was told that I could trade it in," he says, adding, when the hosts continue to roast him, "I didn't order it!"

Later in the clip, Underwood calls Randolph so the Lady Gang hosts can ask her about her decision to swap out the ring. "I just have a very particular idea in my mind," she says diplomatically. Luckily, Underwood knows exactly what that idea is: "Cass wants a gold, simple band, with an oval-cut [stone]," he says. If you learn anything from this season of The Bachelor, let it be the importance of dropping (very obvious) hints about the exact ring you're into, so you can avoid a fiasco like this one.

The pressure's now on for Underwood to pick out the right ring this time around, but it seems like he still has plenty of time to hunt it down. During that interview with Kimmel, the lovebirds were asked about their relationship status. "We're confidently boyfriend and girlfriend," Underwood said, while Randolph took it a step further, explaining that they're somewhere between dating and getting engaged, and confirming that they've already had conversations about when Underwood will pop the question. Here's hoping when the time comes, he'll offer up a ring that's a little more well-received.

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