6 Spring Wedding Color Palettes That Are Hot Right Now

These seasonal palettes will give your springtime bash a fresh look.

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Spring may call to mind budding flowers and April showers, but in the wedding world, it’s all about the fresh colors that represent the new life of the season—and the start of one very big adventure: wedding planning! Choosing your wedding color palette will be one of your first tasks when it comes to planning your wedding. And these color palettes for spring weddings are just the thing to give your bash a fresh look.

This season, plenty of new seasonal color palettes are springing up (get it?), and we're loving all these unique color combos for spring weddings. Trends do come and go, though, which is why we turned to some stellar planners and event designers to find out what’s new, what’s here to stay, and what spring to-be-weds are obsessing over.

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Soft Jewel Tones

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Winter’s moody gemstones are getting a new look for spring: their pastel-hued counterparts. Think lavender instead of deep purple, spring green instead of emerald, and hints of burgundy, explains Danielle Couick, Creative Director of Magnolia Bluebird Design and Events. It’s like wearing a blue topaz instead of a sapphire—both are gemstones, but one certainly has a different feel than the other. Even blush tones that accent deeper jewel tones have a richness to them that enhances the luxurious vibe of an event, Couick adds, noting that her favorite combination is spring green and ivory.

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Pops of Green

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Say hello to green, even if you’re sticking to a neutral color palette. Green is everywhere, from greenery-based floral arrangements to hints of green on stationery and tabletops. Even an accent like a green velvet couch can really energize a lounge setup. Planner Tracy Taylor Ward is seeing more and more couples incorporating bold pops of green into their classic aesthetics, especially through the use of flowers and accent decor. “Playing with the colors found in nature is an excellent source for inspiration to achieve timeless designs that are still fresh and modern,” she says.

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Denim Blue

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Who knew your favorite chambray shirt could inspire your wedding day? Shades of blue commonly found in denim jeans are finding their ways into reception linens, glassware, and specialty decor. “From Chinoiserie to Shibori, the indigo hues are still in,” says Couick, who often mixes patterns and color tones to bring a charismatic quality to a place setting. Blue has the added benefit of being particularly meaningful at weddings: the color signifies loyalty and strength, two things many of us look for in our relationships.

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Iridescence Everywhere

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All your Lisa Frank dreams may have just come true: Iridescent fabrics, glassware, photo booth backdrops, stationery, and even florals are here for spring—and beyond. “This love affair with iridescent and pearlescent surfaces feels like a grown-up nod to our childhood unicorns and mermaids,” explains Erica Taylor Haskins, founding partner of Tinsel Experiential Design. Her team has employed this idea by using modern mylar runners for tabletops, as well as shimmery linen napkins. Lighting also plays a role, giving off blue, pink, and golden hues that reflect off the luminous surfaces. Couples can even source iridescent flatware and wine glasses to add to the lustrous atmosphere.

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Bold Is the New Black

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Couples are no longer shying away from bright hues when it comes to color palettes for spring weddings. Instead, they are accenting their celebrations with vibrant shades such as hot pink, mustard yellow, cerulean blue, and even orange. There is, after all, something dynamic and fiery about intense colors. “Our brides and grooms are embracing color in a big way, which makes me so happy,” Haskins says. “It’s a striking departure from ‘blush and bashful.’” It’s especially impactful amid minimalist or blank space venues where the white space juxtaposes the vivid colors. Haskins adds that it’s “very modern and city chic.”

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Neutrals Aren’t Going Anywhere

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You don’t have to say goodbye to earth tones and neutral palettes just quite yet, admits Couick. She plans to see plenty of neutral hues—ivory, cream, champagne, beige—throughout the spring season and with good reason: She believes the continued trend is reflective of our current political and social climate. “Couples are gravitating toward a calmer environment with so much noise and distraction in the world,” she explains.

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