Cocktail-Hour Food Ideas: Creative Crudités

Updated 05/26/15

Erin McGinn Photography

Crudités are a tried-and-true cocktail-hour staple, but instead of serving carrot and celery sticks on a basic (boring!) platter, it's time to step up your veggie game. Here are six elegant and unexpected ways to display vegetables during cocktail hour — incorporate one of these ideas at your wedding and chances are it'll be the chicest crudité display your guests have ever seen.

Vintage Wood Crates (above): Repurpose old wooden crates and boxes to create a rustic-yet-elegant hors d'oeuvres table where guests can help themselves.

Photo: Ray Kang

Library Card Catalog: This couple had the clever idea to turn a vintage card-catalog draws into a creative self-serve crudité display.

Crudités Skewers: Serving guests fresh veggies on individual skewers is a fun and whimsical twist on the traditional crudité platter.

Farmers Market Display: If you and your groom are big foodies and cooks, have your caterer create a bountiful fresh-vegetable station designed to resemble your favorite farmers market stand.

Shot Glasses: During cocktail hour, have waiters pass out individual portions of sliced veggies and dip served in easy-to-eat shot glasses.

Photo: The Mullers

Baskets & Pails: If you're hosting a more casual celebration, designate a cocktail-hour table for crudités and display the different veggies in assorted woven baskets and pails.

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