Creative and Clever Wedding Signs for Your Bar

Updated 03/14/16

Reese Moore Photography

Wedding signs are a great way to inject some personality into your celebration, and the bar is the perfect spot to feature them since it's the first place your guests will hit following the ceremony. Set the tone for a fun night to come with one of these cute and witty bar signs.

Display a cute, calligraphed sign like this one (above) at the bar for a whimsical touch to your cocktail hour.

Photo: Cluney Photo

Let your guests know they should take full advantage of the open bar and get ready to boogie.

Help guests loosen up a bit by posting a clever sign like this one encouraging everyone to let their hair down.

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Remind guests that everything will be caught on film for posterity with this funny tongue-in-cheek sign.

A chalkboard sign directs guests to help themselves at a prosecco toppings bar.

Love wine? Encourage guests to drink up with this perfectly put quote from Julia Child.

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