These Real Couples Prove That City Hall Weddings Are Basically the Best

Updated 06/21/16

NYC City Hall Weddings

Wedding planning got you down? Months and months of stress-filled wedding planner meetings, family opinions, guest list butchering, and caterer tastings can drive even the chillest bride-to-be to consider eloping! Of course, we love nothing more than a big flower-filled wedding celebration, but if you're considering just hitting up the courthouse to escape all the drama, we wouldn't blame you. Worried a courthouse wedding will skip all the romance and celebration of a traditional wedding day? You couldn't be more wrong! We took to the New York City courthouse to talk to couples who JUST got married and the result is the tear-inducing, love-filled video above. These couples couldn't be happier, more in love, and their day was just as special as it would have been with months of planning.

On a recent sunny Friday morning the BRIDES team posted up outside of the New York City Clerk's Office to ogle the newly-married brides and grooms that stepped out of the iconic building — it served as the location for Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big's wedding day, obviously. The atmosphere couldn't have been filled with more love, and we were so moved by our couples' sweet stories that we just had to share with you.

Each couple shared the how they met and what made them fall in love (check out the adorable couple who had the same favorite song for 20 years and never knew each other!), but we more curious to know the details of what brought them to the courthouse in the first place. "We wanted to start our lives together now," said one sharply decked couple from Kingston, Jamaica.

As for the atmosphere in the actual courthouse, these newlyweds couldn't have been more thrilled with their nuptials, and almost all described it as a surreal experience.

"It is everyone you could possibly imagine in every shape, size and color getting married, it's amazing," said one adorable newly hitched groom.

And what's the appropriate wedding attire for a courthouse wedding you ask? Anything goes! From short and sweet courthouse wedding dresses (our favorite!), to full ball gowns, flower crowns, and even overalls, we saw a little bit of everything as these newlyweds stepped out of City Hall, and we have to say, it all worked.

Check out the video above and get ready to swoon over these adorable New York City Hall weddings.

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