Chrissy Teigen's Best Friends Surprised Her With a Baby Shower

Just a casual Wednesday night

Updated 02/22/18

Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen is expecting her second child with husband John Legend in just a matter of months, so, naturally, it's time for a baby shower. But considering it's Teigen's second time doing the whole motherhood thing, her friends went eschewed the typical afternoon brunch—like her first, glammed up baby shower—for a girl's night. The supermodel's closest girlfriends took her out to what seemed like a run-of-the-mill dinner on Wednesday night, before surprising her with gifts for her baby boy.

"These are my best girlfriends on the planet," Teigen said in a video on her Snapchat. "I have a surprise baby shower. I love you guys." She also shared the video on her Instagram with the caption, "Man. Aint nothing like girlfriends. Love you guys so much. Thank you for loving me back." The gifts for 22-month-old Luna's little brother included a copy of the children's book Iggy Peck, Architect, while the mom-to-be was gifted a Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 i-Type camera to capture all of her first son's precious moments, plus clothing from maternity brand Hatch. Notably missing from what looked like the impromptu baby shower was Jen Atkin, hairstylist and BFF to Teigen. She commented "I...i...was planning you a surprise baby shower. This REALLY HURTS" on the cookbook author's Instagram. Looks like Teigen will just have to have another party so she can include everyone.

Legend and Teigen announced her second pregnancy in November by posting a sweet video of Luna pointing to her mom's stomach and saying, "Baby!" The 32-year-old has since confirmed that her due date is this June, just a few months after Luna turns 2 years old. She also said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week that she and Legend have yet to pick a name for their first son. "Boy names are really tough, and I don't think he will even have a middle name because we can't even come up with a first name," Teigen explained, adding that the only name she knows for certain she won't choose is John Jr.

She might be waiting for a sign from above before choosing the proper name: The Lip Sync Battle host said Luna's name was chosen on one particularly beautiful night when the moon shone blood red.

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