Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Baby's Due Date!

She also joked about some veryyy interesting potential baby names

Updated 02/19/18

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

It won't be much longer until Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are parents of two!

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and her Grammy-award winning husband recently revealed that they are expecting a second child—and Teigen just announced her due date during The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, February 19.

“I’m having a baby boy in the spring. I’ll tell you — it’s June!” the 32-year-old model said.

The second Legend baby will join big sister Luna, who is now 22 months. But even though the due date is quickly approaching, the couple has not yet decided on a name for baby number two. “Boy names are really tough and I don’t think he will even have a middle name because we can’t even come up with a first name,” Teigen explained.

This prompted DeGeneres to chime in with a few of her own suggestions for the pregnant mom, saying, "What about Lunar for him?” she asked. “What about Urban Legend?”

“I’m toying with Dick Legend a lot. Can I say that?” Teigen replied.

"You can say that just don’t name him that," DeGeneres replied.

However, the name that the 39-year-old father refuses to name his son is John. “John and his ego was like, ‘I don’t want him to feel like he has to live up to that,'” Teigen said. “And I was like ‘Wow, you are a jerk.'”

Teigen also shared during the interview how she came up with her daughter's name. “There was a blood moon happening. It was a really beautiful night. Really big, red moon and just gorgeous,” Teigen said. “I have this love for space and I think about space camp all the time and my days at space camp when I was a youngster. And so I thought Luna was just perfect and she’s kind of the perfect Luna.”

The couple will celebrate their fifth anniversary this year in September. The two were married in a romantic ceremony in Lake Como, Italy, back in 2013, surrounded by close family and friends.

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