Chris Harrison Wants to Give Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham a Trash Can for Their Wedding

How thoughtful?

Updated 08/13/18

Paul Hebert

Even though we might not be Team Arie, Chris Harrison certainly is. The longtime Bachelor franchise host revealed that he's not only expecting an invitation to Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham's upcoming wedding, he already has a wedding gift in mind.

The couple, who revealed they will tie the knot in January 2019, have opted to host a destination wedding in Hawaii—but the far-flung wedding locale isn't stopping Harrison from making the trip.

“I better be sitting front and center at Arie’s wedding,” Harrison told Us Weekly in a recent interview. And even if he doesn't end up making the former *Bachelor'*s guest list cut, Harrison still plans on sending the newlyweds a wedding gift. “I’ll send them a candlestick or a serving dish,” he said. “A blender or a trash can. I think I got Trista [Sutter] a trash can. That was my gift to her.”

But before you think the longtime host was throwing a bit of shade with his gift of garbage (it couldn't be just us, right?), Harrison explained: “She wanted it. It was a very nice trash can, and it was on their list. Here’s the thing, I don’t go rogue—if you have decided that’s what you want. It was this nice, automated trash can. You have to remember, like 15 to 16 years ago, that was cool to wave your hand over the trash can and it just open.”

Unfortunately for this hopeful wedding guest, Luyendyk Jr. and Bunham may opt to keep their celebration small. The two previously revealed some of their wedding details on The View earlier this summer. “It’s at Haiku Mill which has this beautiful, old world feel with a lot of vines and greenery,” Luyendyk said. “It’s not your typical beach wedding. And it’s a private wedding, so not on TV—just a close group of friends. Probably 100 guests.”

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