My Bridal Shower: 5 Things I Wish I Had Known

Steven Stuts

Meet Chloe Melas, the Senior Entertainment Reporter at and host of VH1's morning show The Gossip Table! Chloe is in the midst of planning her New York City wedding, and she's going to share each step of the process. From her bachelorette party to the honeymoon and everything in between, stay tuned for the reporter's wedding chronicles. For her latest installment, Chloe talks about the all-important bridal shower.

It was harder than anything for me to imagine handing over the imaginary keys to my bridal shower, and letting my bridesmaids plan the whole thing. One of my bridesmaids, Emily, took charge from the very beginning but then she started getting emails, emails and more emails from me that read: "Oops! Forgot Just One More Thing!"

Cue *Frozen'*s "Let It Go" because that's what I was singing to myself, except with these lyrics "Stop micromanaging people!" But let's just say I don't sound as good as Idina Menzel.

I ended up having the most gorgeous, summery bridal shower any girl could ask for on July 19, at Southampton Social Club. It was complete with 35 of my closet friends and family, adorable cupcakes, flash tattoos and amazing mimosas. I wouldn't change a thing but, I will say, looking back there are five pieces of advice that I would love to give all brides everywhere.

Photo: Steven Stuts

Make one guest list.

Check it twice and then stop adding people! I always over invite everyone. Whether it's a dinner, drinks, or my birthday party, I have this tendency to literally invite every single person I end up talking to. Someone once asked me, "Why would you want to celebrate such an important day of your life with people that might not be there in 10 years." It's so true! Invite your close family and friends, then call it a day.

Pick one bridesmaid to handle the day!

Don't promise each bridesmaid that she can throw your shower. There are enough tasks to go around, trust me. But it's nice to have one person helming the entire event and have her give tasks to your other bridesmaids. Plus, it's nice to have someone who lives near you too. I have bridesmaids all across the country but it gets difficult to plan something long distance.

Write down your "Must haves and would be nice if" list.

If you have a certain vision for your special day, tell whoever is planning completely upfront. For instance, I had to have a wooden sign that said "Bridal Shower," pink paper straws, sunflowers, and a photographer. No one is a mind reader and your idea of a bridal shower may be totally different than your best friend who has known you 20 years.

Give whoever is planning framed photos!

I had a beautiful engagement shoot two months before my bridal shower with celeb photographer, Anthony Vasquez. A few days before my shower I was frantically calling because I thought it would be great to have scattered throughout the luncheon. Great idea but too last minute! That goes back to point number three, make a list upfront and stick to it!

__Don't get upset! __

There a one million tiny things that will go wrong but that's life! Don't sweat it if your best girlfriend can't make it because she can't find a sitter or don't be angry if it's too expensive for your other bridesmaid to fly across the country for your shower. You have to remember that although it's your special day, everyone has their own lives and issues. It doesn't mean that they don't love you to pieces. Be open to having smaller get togethers with the bridesmaids and friends that can't come. Just because they can't celebrate on that specific day doesn't mean you can't celebrate at all!

I could call this one number six, although I said I was only doing my top five! I wanted to say "thank you" to all of my friends who came that day. As a party favor, I had beach bags with adorable beach towels tucked inside — it made me feel good to tell them I appreciate them for being there on my special day.

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