These Chandelier-and-Chiffon Ceremony Backdrops Are Super Trendy

Updated 11/03/16

Turtle Pond Photography

Adding an eye-catching wedding ceremony backdrop behind the spot where you and your groom will say "I do" will help draw all of your guests' eyes front and center. After all, the exchange of vows is the most meaningful part of the wedding ceremony, so it is important to put some thought into making the altar the main focal point of the ceremony space. And whether you're tying the knot indoors or outside, a beautiful ceremony backdrop will impress guests as they arrive and take their seats, and will also make for some seriously gorgeous photographs (and Instagrams!).

Couples these days are becoming more and more creative with their ceremony backdrops, decorating the space with everything from flower-adorned arches and wooden arbors to hand-painted murals and suspended Edison light-bulb installations. But one of our favorite ceremony-backdrop ideas? Combining glamorous, sparkly chandeliers with soft, ethereal panels of draped chiffon. The glowing chandeliers lend an elegant, more traditional feel to the ceremony space while the airy, sheer-chiffon panels create a warm, romantic ambiance. The combination of the two is utterly unexpected, elegant, and chic. Here are six of our favorite takes on this stunning ceremony-backdrop trend.

Outdoor Glam (above): Want to make guests' jaws drop the moment they set foot in your ceremony space? Think: oversize, top-to-bottom chiffon panels, multiple sparkling chandeliers hung from varying heights, and massive fresh-flower tie-backs. The end result? Seriously stunning.

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Floral Chandelier: If your wedding venue has a clean and modern look, soften the space up a bit by adding a simple, flowy chiffon backdrop. Top it off with a lush, oversized chandelier adorned with fresh greenery and crisp, white flowers.

Vic Bonvicini Photography

Crisscross Draping: Instead of hanging them vertically, take two chiffon panels and cross them over each other, elegantly draping and weighing down the tails at both ends. The finishing touch? Hang a chandelier right in the middle — it's such a subtle touch that yields a very striking and modern result.

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Loft Space: Gauzy chiffon draping adds an air of romance to an industrial, brick-walled wedding venue, while a suspended crystal chandelier lends the space a bit more elegance and formality.

Clary Pfeiffer

Chandeliers and Draping: It's amazing how soft, chiffon draping and the warm ambiance of a crystal chandelier can turn a simple room into an ethereal ceremony space. We also love how the jet-black Chiavari chairs really pop against the all-white backdrop.

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Rustic Barn: Extra-long chiffon panels help soften up the rough-hewn look of this weathered, rustic barn; also, the hanging chandelier helps creates a focal point for the ceremony and vow exchange.

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