These Permanent Friendship Bracelets Might Just Be the Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift

They're a total upgrade to those braided pieces of colored string from your middle school days

Courtesy of Catbird

Finding the perfect bridesmaid gift isn’t easy. In fact, you might get lost in a sea of monogrammed pajamas, personalized wine glasses, and knickknacks proudly proclaiming “bridesmaid.” While they’re all adorable (and undoubtedly appreciated), it’s always fun to think outside the box, too. So, why not do something a little more...permanent? While it’s safe to say a group tattoo (probably) won’t go over well, what about a “permanent” friendship bracelet instead?

Enter: Catbird Welding Annex. A part of the beloved fine jewelry store located in Brooklyn, the Welding Annex at Catbird will “zap” or weld a clasp-less, custom-fit bracelet around your wrist—a.k.a. the “ultimate friendship bracelet.” And they are a total upgrade to those braided pieces of colored string from your middle school days.

The process is actually quite simple and totally painless: Onsite welders weld one of four beautiful yet simple piece of fine jewelry onto your wrist, adding a touch of delicate sparkle and shine that will last for, well, as long as you want it to! Beginning at $94 for the Forever Sweet Nothing Bracelet to $334 for the Forever Diamond Pinprick Bracelet, which showcases a beautiful dangling diamond, the bracelets have no clasp and therefore require little to no maintenance at all. Fear of commitment? You can also rest easy knowing that at any time and for any reason, they can simply be taken off (permanently) by cutting with a sharp scissor.

Plan a bridesmaids' bonding day with your girls ahead of your wedding and head to Catbird where you can surprise them with bridesmaid gifts of these dainty and delicate permanent friendship bracelets. It's the perfect way to ensure that everyone will rock matching accessories on the big day, and can also be a great pit stop to make while bridesmaid dress shopping or even during a pre-bridal brunch.

Having a New York City bachelorette party? Catbird's permanent bracelets can be the ultimate party favor, too.

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