Carlos Correa Proposes to Girlfriend Danielle Rodriguez After World Series Win

He popped the question on live television!

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He won the World Series, and now he's preparing to walk down the aisle. After Houston Astros player Carlos Correa and his team beat Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 7 of the World Series, the shortstop got down on one knee and proposed to girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez on national television. Correa popped the question after a Fox Sports reporter asked him if winning the World Series was everything he thought it would be.

"It's everything and more," the baseball player said. "It's one of the biggest steps of my life, one of the biggest accomplishments of my life and right now I'm about to take another big step in my life." The camera then turned to Rodriguez, who was standing behind a crowd barrier separating her from her soon-to-be fiancé.

“Daniella Rodriguez,” he said, taking out a small box and opening it to reveal a large, pear-shaped diamond sparkler, much to Rodriguez's surprise. “You make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?”

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Naturally, Rodriguez was completely overcome with emotion from the surprise proposal, and ripped open the barrier before jumping into Correa's arms, saying, “Oh my God. Oh my God.” Still, the athlete, seeking an answer, asked, "Yes?"

"Yes," Rodriguez said. After embracing for a few moments, Correa turned to spectators and exclaimed, "Let's celebrate!"

As it turns out, the shortstop had been planning the proposal for a while, and thought it would be cool to pop the question after winning a championship. “There was double pressure on me," he told USA Today, "because I had to take care of business first, make sure we won this game, and then what to say to her and how to get engaged. It’s been crazy, but it’s something we’ll never forget.’’

Congrats to the beautiful couple! Watch the proposal below.

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