This New Bali Resort Is Bucket-List Honeymoon Worthy

New jungle resort Capella Ubud takes luxury and cultural immersion to unseen levels on the Indonesian Island of Gods

Updated 03/22/19

Courtesy of Capella Ubud

Some places on Earth are so unique, so special, that they’re worth blowing a budget. Such is the case with Capella Ubud, a place where you and your lover are truly immersed within the thick jungle of Bali, Indonesia—not a single tree was cut to build it. Where you’ll sleep in four-poster beds under canopies of batik fabric in expansive, overwhelmingly beautiful tents, each with its own magical salt water plunge pool. (This place redefines “glamping.”) Where it’s quite clear that love and care went into crafting each detail and each bite.

Where your neighbors just beyond the resort grounds are Balinese rice farmers snaking through terraced fields of eye-popping green on bicycles and scooters. And where a traditional Hindu temple down by the Eos river that runs past it all is the perfect setting for a romantic stroll or exploration.

Courtesy of Capella Ubud

Courtesy of Capella Ubud

Courtesy of Capella Ubud

If you’re a couple for whom your honeymoon is a time to splurge, and you love the idea of exotic island life, this is the place for you. It’s nothing if not one-of-a-kind, and there are seemingly endless ways to experience the resort in a choose-your-own-adventure kind of way. There are 22 of the aforementioned tents (plus a two-bedroom lodge), each styled around a particular job an early 19th century explorer would have—think the baker, photographer or librarian and the accessories and tools they’d have.

They’re so plush and fascinating that you might not even want to leave it for a day or two. And actually, there’s a package designed around that urge. “24 Hours Confined to Quarters” is inspired by Bali’s new year called Nyepi, during which every person on the island stays in their hotel or home for 24 hours, but this involves a lot of pampering. There’s a holy water ritual and pranayama (breathing meditation) on the private deck, then Swadhistana Chakra Balancing, a two-hour Senja Massage (with a full bath ritual) and then a camp-inspired dinner customized by the chef.

The sunrise-to-sunrise experience wraps up with a purification ritual at the river temple.

Of course there’s tons to get into beyond your dreamy digs. You can climb to the peak of Mt. Batur for sunrise and breakfast, go mountain cycling or jungle trekking, try painting in the intricate local style from Keliki or learn to make your own chocolate bars. Within the “camp” the massive main pool called The Cistern—also saltwater, but seemingly floating over the jungle—beckons, as does the bar beside it with epic views over the river valley. There are yoga classes in the dreamy hollow beneath The Armory gym, also decked with soaring ceilings and walls covered in amazing textiles, making any workout there the most beautiful ever.

Courtesy of Capella Ubud

Prepare to have your minds blown when it comes to the culinary arts (not to mention if you explore beyond the resort there are world-class meals to be had throughout the area). Seasonal and sustainable plates inspired by the historic Eastern spice trail use locally grown ingredients and are served under a spectacular hand-painted ceiling, sans walls. At Api Jiwa, another open-air concept, it’s a blast to sit around the Robatayaki grill and watch the chef as he prepares surprise Asian barbecued dishes.

There’s even a campfire, where a local storyteller entertains guests with tales of the island, or vintage black and white Balinese films play—all accompanied by s’mores and hot chocolate, of course. Heaven on Earth.

And to really get the most out of Bali, plan to pair this stay with a location by the aquamarine Indian Ocean, since it’s only by living both beach and jungle experiences that the ultimate island adventure is complete.

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