Celebrate Halloween With 5 Ways To Incorporate Candy Into Your Wedding Day Décor!

Did someone say, "Trick or Treat?!"

Updated 10/31/17

Photo by Jenna Joseph

Everyone knows that the best part of Halloween is obvi the candy! Yes, even as adults, we want our chance (more than ever) to indulge in bite-sized candy bars, cotton candy surprises, and lollipops. That's why if you're hosting a bridal shower, celebrating with your girlfriends, or even, you know, throwing your own wedding this time of year, it's smart to use Halloween candy in your décor. Your guests will be more than happy—plus, you can use this as an opportunity to elevate your wedding décor as well.

Seriously, below you'll find photos of candy incorporated into the overall party design in a way that doesn't scream "Halloween!" or "Birthday Party!" Don't trust us? Take a look for yourself, but we think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find perfectly packaged wedding favors, one gorgeous dessert table (in unexpected fall hues!), and cocktails that look as sweet as they do tasty. And even better: You can tap your inner kiddo, too! That's right, we found elevated ways to serve cotton candy (the best treat ever, right!?) and incorporate colorful lollipops into your escort card display.

That way, you make a statement and send guests home with a treat of their own.

Keep reading to see more photos and get Halloween candy-themed ideas for your wedding, bridal shower, or even tonight's Halloween party. After all, there's no time like the present for a sweet treat!

Wedding Favors

Favor Bar Cart

Candy by Sugarfina; Styling by Town Social Events, Inc.

Now, this is an idea that takes Halloween candy to the next level. To recreate this candy cart, start with Sugarfina boxes of gummies (they're already perfectly packaged for gifting!), and then add in more bite-sized gummies and chocolates so guests can snack on the goods before they even leave the party. For Halloween, we especially love how this pretty pink display is decorated with fake skulls and laboratory-like glassware (did someone say mad scientist?!).

Escort Cards

Photo by Rebecca Yale; Design by Laurie Arons; Calligraphy by Curliecue Designs

Seriously, how cute is this escort card display?! This real bride worked with her planner to create a statement-making set-up that honored her grandmother's love of lollipops. Well, we love lollipops too and think your guests will as well—especially when they find their names tied to the stick.

Individual Treats

Cotton Candy

Photo by Eva Lin Photography

We believe that cotton candy belongs at any celebration! Make it wedding-worthy by serving mini tastes in pretty glassware, like these gold-rimmed coupes. You can even take this idea and turn it into a signature cocktail, if you're up for it.


Rock Candy Cocktails

Photo by BritRene Photo

And speaking of cocktails, we have another idea! Rock candy makes the perfect garnish for any drink, especially since you can find it in any color (we suggest matching it to the cocktail's base color or your day's palette). Your guests will love a treat at cocktail hour—and your photographer will love how it looks in a photo op.

A Dessert Table

Dessert Table

Photo by Charla Storey Photography

Of course, no wedding or party is complete without a dessert bar. This may be the most expected way to display candy at your celebration, but that doesn't mean you have to serve it in an expected way. Take this set-up, which is done in an very unexpected (yet fall-like!) palette of jewel tones. We see no tricks and only treats here!

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