Can Our Registry Include Stuff for Our Pet?

Kim Thiel

The best way to start creating your wedding registry is to sit down and think about what you use in your day-to-day life — this way you'll end up with gifts you'll both love and use often. Do you cook every evening? Spend the weekends camping? Or maybe a lot of your schedule revolves around your pet, from daily walks with the dog to cuddle sessions with your kitten. If the latter applies to you and your fiancé, you may be wondering if your pet can get in on the registry action. Our experts have a few tips for adding items for your pet to your wedding registry — take a peek!

Whether you've already got a home full of things you love, or just adore your furry friend, adding items for your pet to your wedding registry is a great way to give guests more options when they're shopping for gifts, as well as include things you really want. It's also a great idea if your pet will be playing a role in your wedding: If he's important enough to make a trip down the aisle, he can definitely get a gift or two, too. So if you're registering somewhere that also offers pet goodies, go ahead and break out the scanner gun! There are, of course, a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Avoid registering for things that are your pet's basic necessities (we're talking food and cat litter). There's a good chance that 50-lb. bag of dog food will not be showing up with a note from your aunt! You should also avoid registering for a whole bunch of toys, as while your pet might love them, it's a less personal gift that guests probably won't want to give.

Instead, focus on items that will benefit you, too. Has your dog outgrown his crate? Does your cat need a cool new climbing structure? Or would a cozy pet bed fit in great with your new living room furniture? Maybe your four-legged friends could use a pretty set of matching bowls? Items like these that will be visible in your home fall somewhere between pet supplies and décor. Heading on a far-flung honeymoon? You could totally stick an item into your honeymoon fund for a dog walker or a week of boarding at a kennel.

Just don't forget to include your pet's name when you send out the thank you notes!

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