Can My Bridesmaids Wear White Dresses?

Absolutely! Here's why

Updated 01/12/18

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As you plan out your bridesmaids' attire, you might be wondering "can my bridesmaids wear white?" We all remember Pippa Middleton's breathtaking white, floor-length bridesmaid dress at her sister's royal wedding — that stunning look is enough to make you consider adopting the all-white trend for you own wedding. Here's everything you need to know about bridesmaids in white.

It is OK for bridesmaids to wear white?

Definitely, yes! More and more brides are taking cues from Kate Middleton and outfitting their bridesmaids in white. Clean, crisp white always looks chic and the color (or non-color, really) is universally flattering. Plus, white is so versatile and works for every type of wedding, from a breezy beach bash to a preppy, country club celebration.

How can the bride stand out when the bridesmaids are wearing white, too?

The bride will always stand out—you are the bride, after all. It's not like they'll have trains and veils! That being said, there are several ways to help set you apart from your attendants. If you are wearing a floor-length gown, choose a knee-length style for your girls. Or, if you prefer long dresses, choose one in a more casual fabric, like flowy jersey or lightweight chiffon, which will set them apart from you in your much more formal wedding gown. Also, think about choosing a different neckline—if your dress is strapless, then opt for a bridesmaid dress that is one-shouldered or a V-neck. As long as you give distinct visual cues, there's no way anyone will confuse one of your 'maids as the bride! (Check out this guide on how to pull off white bridesmaids dresses.)

But what about tradition?

You might think incorporating white bridesmaids dresses is against tradition, but actually, it's in keeping with it! It's only in modern times that bridesmaids have begun to wear colored dresses. In days gone by, bridesmaids wore white alongside the bride. According to historian Hanne Blank, bridesmaids wore white in order to "to confuse evil spirits or those who wished to harm the bride." That way, anyone (or thing) targeting the bride would be confused. While you're probably not concerned about evil spirits (other than jealous ex-girlfriends of the groom or overbearing mother-in-laws), you'll be happy to know the bridesmaids wearing white tradition is longstanding — in Britain, in fact, it's the norm for bridesmaids to wear white!

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