Can I Plan My Own Bachelorette Party?

Updated 01/29/16

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Most of wedding planning is up to the bride (and her groom and a planner, of course!). But there are a few pre-wedding events that, according to tradition, are supposed to be planned by other members of the wedding party or the couple's friends. Engagement party? A friend or family member should take the reins. Bridal shower? Look toward an aunt or bridesmaid. Bachelorette party? This one usually falls to the maid of honor. But what if you're type-A, live far from your 'maids, or have a MOH who is underage — can the bride plan her bachelorette bash herself? Our experts weigh in.

The short answer is: Yes! You can 100% plan your own bachelorette party, no matter the reason. Make sure you let whoever you're planning to invite know that you'll be making arrangements yourself, but other than that, you can definitely put this celebration on your own to-do list.

If you're planning it yourself, follow the same guidelines as your maid of honor might: find out when all your ladies are free, keep cost in mind, and make sure to make a reservation! You might actually have an easier time getting a hold of everyone — you are the bride-to-be, after all!

Chances are your friends will want to plan a few surprises for you, so try not to schedule every single minute. Whether it's a lingerie shower before you head out for dinner or a bachelorette sash that's a perfect match for your little white dress, give your girls a chance to celebrate you! And if you're planning a weekend trip, loop in a few friends to help you research the best day spa or find a great deal on a hotel. Just because you're doing the planning, doesn't mean you have to do it all yourself.

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