These Cable Knit Wedding Ideas Are the Coziest Things EVER

Updated 12/04/16

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If you can’t get enough of comfy cable knit sweaters and love to bundle up in a big knitted blanket by the fire, then you’ll warm right up to these classic yet completely modern winter wedding ideas. From scarves that double as favors and chair décor to invitations that feature everyone’s favorite seasonal pattern, here are just a few cable knit wedding design ideas we’re all wrapped up in right now.

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Your Invitations Krystel Tien, owner and founder of Elle Bridal Boutique & Couture Events in San Diego, absolutely loves the idea of a letter pressed cable knit wedding invitation. “This will literally be the most warm and inviting invite your guests will ever receive,” she says. Any cable knit pattern for your invitation suite really works well, adds wedding planner Miranda Tassi of Chancey Charm Charlotte.

Placemats & Dinner Napkin Wraps
Comfort food and comfort décor go hand in hand, right? Wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss The Planner recommends creating the ultimate winter wedding table setting with a cable knit wrap for your dinner napkins. “You can also use a cable knit placemat under your charger plates or a beautiful knitted runner to add a cute, warm touch to winter-themed tablescapes.”

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Wedding Wear
Keep warm in pretty cable knit gloves for outdoor wedding pics or surprise your hubby with a gorgeous knitted garter underneath your wedding gown, suggests Samuels. A tan or white cable knit capelet looks equally as stunning worn over your dress for those cold winter weather shots and is a unique, yet equally as snug, alternative to fur. One of Tassi’s favorite looks for bridesmaids is pairing ivory (or other winter inspiration) cable knit sweaters with long skirts, whether chiffon or silk.

The Dinner Chairs
Get creative with comfy cable knit scarves and wrap them around your dinner chairs to serve as décor detail and a nice, not to mention useful, favor for your guests to take home. As for the bride and groom chairs, why not mix things up a bit with striking cable knit throws covering the backs of each seat?

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Edible Favors
A white cable knit cake is always a chic choice for the traditional winter bride. However, you can also enlist a local bakery to create cable knit sweater and hat shaped cookies as favors for your guests since everyone loves an edible favor, says Tassi.

For late-night hot chocolate or coffee bars, consider using coasters made out of cable knit for a cozy, winter touch, offers Tassi.

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