Yes, It's Possible to Plan an Awesome Bachelorette Party on a Meager Budget

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If you want to throw your favorite bride the amazing bachelorette bash she deserves, but simply don't have the dough to go big—think a girls' weekend in Las Vegas—don't despair. "A bachelorette party doesn't necessarily have to be sexy," explains Jesse Tombs, senior event producer for Alison Events. "It should be a celebration of a woman's single life before she met her beau. Pictures from her college days, baby pictures and funny stories are more interesting and original than penis-shaped pasta."

Here, Tombs suggests eight incredibly fun ideas that won't break the budget. In fact, they should all come in at less than $100 a woman!

5 Inexpensive Bachelorette Ideas
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Go for a game of mini-golf.

"Make T-shirts and create teams within the group to make the game really memorable," suggests Tombs.

Challenge your BFFs to bowling.

"Book a private room in the back to have cake, and hang funny posters of the bride on the walls," Tombs says.

Shop for lingerie until you drop.

"Then go for lunch at a cute café and unwrap the gifts bought for the bride during shopping that day," says Tombs.

Paint your own pottery.

"Or take a class, and ask the teacher to use the space afterward to open presents," Tombs suggests.

Taste Merlot — or the bride's favorite blend — in wine country.

"Small buses or town cars usually run $50 to $70 per guest for the day to drive around to different tasting rooms," notes Tombs. "Bring a picnic lunch along to enjoy in one of the wineries' picnic areas."

Get your party on — at home.

"Invite the girls over for an at-home facial and watch old movies," says Tombs, "or light a bunch of candles or a fire in the hearth and have a cozy night swapping stories, drinking Chianti and eating flat-breads and good chocolate."

Host a blind wine tasting at your house.

"Each guest brings a different bottle of wine, then the bottles are placed in brown bags and everyone has to vote on which one they liked the most," explains Tombs. "It's often funny when the one everyone gravitates to is from Trader Joe's." Pair the wine with easy and simple pre-made snacks, and snag inexpensive wine glasses for all your guests from IKEA, Tombs suggests.

Get crafty with a floral crown workshop.

"Find a local floral designer that teaches wreath-making or crown-making classes," instructs Tombs. "It's feminine, romantic and chic. Dry the crowns and keep forever as a memento of the occasion, or use them on your special day for décor!"

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