How Much Would These Famous Movie Weddings Cost?

Updated 07/05/16
Summit Entertainment/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection; Getty Images

Who doesn't love curling up on the couch after a long day of wedding planning and popping in your favorite wedding movie? And here at BRIDES, we have quite a few! (No surprise there, right?) In our opinion, after dealing with crunching the numbers for your wedding flowers, venue, and invites, and factoring in those unexpected, pricey wedding dress alterations, there's no better stress-reliever than ogling over a fictional someone's no-budget-in-sight big day. But when it comes to those over-the-top nuptials of the movie world, did you ever start to wonder what on earth those no-budget budgets add up to?

Take Carrie and Big's wedding in Sex and the City, for instance. No surprise that Carrie Bradshaw's New York City wedding was just as fabulous as the bride herself. We've seen Carrie's expensive taste (So. Many. Manolos.) throughout the television series, but between that Vivienne Westwood wedding dress and that New York City landmark venue, her and Big's credit cards must have been stretched to their limits, right? Sure, Bradshaw managed to snag her couture frock for free, but — according to the folks over at BeFrugal, who crunched the numbers behind famous and fictional weddings to find out the exact big day budgets of those costly characters — an average dress by the famous designer goes for about $24,000. Yup...

And what about that flower-filled big day of the Twilight series? Most brides-to-be know that wedding flowers don't come cheap, so what could've possibly been the price tag of all those pretty petals? Then there's those couture bridesmaid dresses in the modern classic, Bridesmaids?

Maid of honor Annie could barely afford the pricey frock. Would you be willing to fork over the $300 bucks for a bridesmaid dress you're pretty much guaranteed to only wear once? And let's not forget about that expert wedding planner Steve Martin had to shell out for in Father of the Bride...

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