Brunch Weddings Are Seriously Trending Among Millennials

Waffles, doughnuts, mimosas…who wouldn't want a brunch bash?

Updated 05/13/17

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For most millennials, brunch isn't just a meal—it's a lifestyle. It's all about the ambiance, flooding your Instagram feed with splurge-worthy foodie decadence and really putting the "fun" in "Sunday Funday." And, apparently, some people love brunch so much that they have made it the theme of their wedding. You heard us right: brunch wedding. In Pinterest's 2017 Weddings Report, the term "brunch wedding" saw a 35 percent increase in searches in the past year by brides (or maybe just people who love the idea of a whole party devoted to brunch). "Daytime weddings with brunch-themed menus are on the rise. Blame it on the doughnuts, or perhaps because daytime weddings tend to be less expensive," the site reports. Either way, throwing a brunch wedding is a major trend.

Check out some of these spreads.

And who wouldn't be all about this theme? It's a great excuse to have a waffle cake followed by a doughnut tower or wall at your wedding. Chicago pastry chef for theWit, Toni Roberts, tells us doughnut towers are always a hit. "It's a unique, interactive, and striking centerpiece to take the place of a cake or serve as a fun addition to it," she says. Be sure you have a good wedding hashtag, as the Instagram pics will be overflowing.

Another great thing about brunch weddings (and an aspect that may be particularly appealing to the millennial crowd) is that the whole affair can be more casual overall. The linens, dishes, and attire don't have to be as formal. But do remember that a brunch wedding may not result in an epic all-night dance party; your guests may feel less inclined to hit the dance floor when they are hopped up on coffee instead of wine, but you never know! This can also be an appealing wedding to a couple looking to make a night flight for a big-trip honeymoon.

Check out "5 Things to Consider Before a Brunch Wedding" for more helpful hints, such as how to manage your guests when the party wraps by the late afternoon.

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