Brock Collection Launches Bridal

The 2016 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winners are getting into the wedding dress biz

Courtesy of Brock Collection

Brock Collection was founded in 2014 by husband-and-wife team, Laura Vassar Brock and Kristopher Brock. Though still new, the design house was a headlining collection from season one, earning a well-deserved spot amongst the greats of New York Fashion Week, nearly immediately. And, after less than two years, Brock Collection was awarded one of the top honors for emerging designers, winning the 2016 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. Brock Collection effortlessly marries ease and couture; structured silhouettes and flowing romanticism. And, though they are not technically classified as couture, you’d never know it. The craftsmanship of everything they produce—from a simple silk and lace-inset camisole to a black tie gown crafted of cascading, sculptural ruffles—is pure perfection. Trained in New York City, now settled in the more relaxed community of Newport Beach, California, their pieces are a visual representation of that tailored-meets-romantic style they, themselves, so easefully possess.

The brand itself describes their aesthetic as “an attuned awareness of what’s cool, what’s beautiful, what’s smart and, ultimately, what’s special.” It is that last word—special—that inspired their latest endeavor. Well, that, and the simple word love. Laura and Kris have just released their first-ever bridal capsule collection, called “The New Originals.” Currently eight pieces in total, six more will be added in their next delivery shortly (exact date still to be set), and the duo plans to continue releasing additional capsules on a seasonal basis. There are gowns, lingerie tops, skirts, and slip dresses—all in a range of lace, silk, and jacquard; produced in black and white tones, depending on the item’s style.

It seems fitting that the couple’s own story began when Kris asked Laura, his then-classmate at New York City’s Parsons School of Design, if she would be his fit model for a wedding dress that he had created. And, as they say, the rest is history, but this most stylish couple is taking that first experience of collaboration and infusing it back into their growing brand. Though Kris and Laura have been designing bridal for years, it has only been on a custom basis—until now. So in-tune to their customers tastes, desires, and needs, the couple tells us of their decision to officially launch this bridal line: “We’ve been thinking about it forever.” Laura explains, “with our customers coming to us with their favorite dresses and asking for them in different colors, or wanting to re-work things,” they decided, “let’s make it easy for her, and let’s give her what she wants and what she’s asking for, and make it accessible so if there’s ever a time that she has an occasion or a wedding to go to or if she needs something for one of her wedding events, it’s there for her.”

The feeling of romanticism and love is practically tangible when you experience not only Laura and Kris’ main line collection, but also—specifically—their bridal capsule. Of the Brock bride, Laura shares, “She is looking for romance. It is something that always resonates with her, no matter where she is or who she is; she’s a romantic. And she’s also someone who has an easy lifestyle,” adding, “It’s that balance between romance and ease, and I think they really go hand-in-hand.” The pair shared their experiences with custom bridal clients that have so informed the creation of The New Originals, saying, “Each one of their stories—they’re all so deeply in love. They have such different stories, but the amazing thing about them is that their love is so uniquely beautiful; it’s really inspiring to make their dresses after hearing them.”

Courtesy of Brock Collection

It’s important to Laura and Kris that the collection remain small. The word Laura specifically kept coming back to was ‘special.’ Though they will rotate the capsule seasonally, they plan to keep each release quite small—and plans are for it to only be sold through Brock Collection’s ecommerce site, directly. They explain, “The idea was to take our favorite styles and our best sellers and the ones that women keep coming back and asking us for and to put them into fabrications that were only going to be true to our site.” Laura added, “While they are favorites and top sellers, they’re re-imagined and re-worked. Like, one of the little cocktail dresses turned into a gown—the perfect black evening gown for a gala; and then the white Dory lace dress was re-worked from a Spring/Summer 2017 black look that everyone kept asking for it in white, so we wanted to offer that.” Kris added, “All the fabrications were developed specifically for the capsule.”

To talk to Laura and Kris together is to know their collection intimately. Though they now have a three-year-old son, Charlie, it’s clear that Brock Collection was their first child—and one they still (and will forever) care so deeply for, infusing all their personal love and creativity into. Though their bridal capsule is for the bride, the bridal party, the guest, or the true lover-of-style who simply has a black tie event to attend, you can’t help but feel as though Brock Collection was designed just for you when you slip into each and every piece from their collection.

Courtesy of Brock Collection

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