5 Bridesmaids on What They Did When They Forgot Their Dress on the Day of the Wedding

A.k.a. rule number one of what not to do

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Bridesmaids usually show up at the wedding ready to have the best day ever with the bride-to-be and all of the guests. But usually when they arrive, their hands are holding bags stuffed with all the things they will need throughout the day, from shoes to hairspray, snacks to shoes (heels and a more comfortable pair for the dance floor).

With so much going on and so many more things to remember, it can be easy to forget some of the big-ticket items that all bridesmaids need to help get the wedding started, like their bridesmaid dress.

So what happens when you’re miles away or states away from home or just mere minutes away from the wedding starting and you realize that you forgot your bridesmaid dress? Learn from these five bridesmaids who forgot their dress on the day of the wedding and scrambled to do what they could to get a replacement before walking down the aisle.

1. I Got in an Uber

“Swore I brought my dress with me but an hour before the wedding was supposed to start, when everyone was getting into their dress, I realized that mine was still hanging in my closet. I lived twenty minutes away from the wedding venue so without telling the bride, I jumped into an Uber. Of course there was traffic so when we were less than a mile away, I got out of the car and ran. I grabbed the dress and got back in an Uber and did the same thing on the way back, got out and ran. I made it on time with the dress but my hair and makeup looked awful and sweaty.” - Steffani S., 28

2. I Ran to the Nearest Dress Store

“Luckily I realized the night before the wedding that I forgot my dress at home (which was three states away from the wedding). I spent the next morning driving to different bridesmaid dress stores and found the dress, in the color, but three sizes too big. I bought it and dealt with it being too big. The bride was annoyed but happy I had the dress. I pinned the dress and tied it in the back with a hair tie so that it would fit. It ended up being OK, other than the fact that I spent double the money on a bridesmaid dress.” - Colleen F., 32

3. I Was Fired from Being a Bridesmaid

“It was not my best moment showing up at my cousin’s wedding without my bridesmaid dress. There was no way I could get it because it was in Los Angeles and her wedding was in New York City. So when I confessed that I didn’t have my dress, she literally was okay, bye, you’re no longer a bridesmaid. I was really upset but then went shopping and found a cool dress and had a lot of fun as a wedding guest anyway.” - Whitney G., 24

4. I Stood Out Like Crazy

“I didn’t forget my dress, I lost my dress. I think I left it in a taxi on the way to the wedding. That or I lost it at the airport. Either way, I didn’t have it. The bride wasn’t that upset. She asked that I just go get any dress and I drove to a department store and bought something in a similar color. It didn’t match at all but she let me wear it and still be a bridesmaid. Thankfully she wasn’t a bridezilla or things would have been horrible that day.” - Tori D., 27

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5. I Got a Dress That Color

“I tried to not tell the bride and just go out and get another purple dress, the same shade as the bridesmaid dresses, and when I showed up wearing that one, she looked confused. I admitted that I left the dress at home and I did my best to get a new one. She felt bad and was kind. I was so nervous and mad at myself. But honestly, no one noticed and after the ceremony no one cares anyway. It ended up working out but seriously, note to self: always double-check you have the dress!” - Rachel D., 27

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