An Unexpected Alternative to Bridesmaid Bouquets: Wrist Corsages

Valory Jean Photography

A subtle and simple way to personalize your wedding ceremony? Instead of carrying bouquets, have your bridesmaids wear a wrist corsage full of beautiful fresh flowers. Not only is it unexpected, but the sweet alternative comes with some serious perks that benefit you and your girls. Practically speaking, wearing a wrist corsage instead of carrying a bouquet means it's one less thing for your ladies to have to remember and keep track of on the big day. Plus, you'll save some serious cash by going this route — wrist corsages require far fewer flowers than a bouquet, which lowers the cost.

If you're concerned about what your bridesmaids should do as they walk down the ceremony aisle, we have a solution. One idea would be to ask them to carry the corsage in their hands, as if they were holding a small posy. Then, during cocktail hour, they could tie the corsage onto their wrist and keep it on for the remainder of the reception.

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To prove just how pretty and versatile a wrist corsage can be, we found four picture-perfect examples of the blooming accessory:

At the wedding pictured above, each bridesmaid wore a wrist corsage of eucalyptus leaves and garden roses, which perfectly matched the blossoms in the bride's bouquet. The soft pink hue of the garden roses also complemented the bridesmaids' coral-colored dresses.

Photo: Ed Peers

Pretty wrist corsages of lush, vibrant carnations and garden roses, combined with seeded eucalyptus, really pop against the bridesmaids' camel-colored dresses and the couple's rustic outdoor setting.

Photos: Boyfriend/Girlfriend (left); Beautiful Moments Photography (right)

A single Juliet garden rose — nearly every bride's favorite flower! — looks great when paired with a preppy orange-and-white striped grosgrain ribbon (left photo). Or, you could ask your florist to use a variety of blossoms and greenery for a just-picked-from-the-garden feel (right photo).

As these options prove, a wrist corsage fits any wedding's dress code.

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