True Stories of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Who Bailed Last-Minute

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Imagine if the person that promised to stand by your side on your big day all of a sudden had better things to do, like go on a first date (we can't make these things up, folks!). From a shot at love to financial problems, real brides reveal the real reasons their bridesmaids and groomsmen dropped out of the wedding last minute.

All Because of a Boy

"One of my bridesmaids bailed five days before my wedding because she met a guy she liked on a boat trip to Catalina Island. They had made plans to meet again at the boat dock the next Saturday, which she momentarily forgot was my wedding day. They hadn't exchanged phone numbers or other contact info so she was afraid that if she didn't show at the dock she'd never see him again. Big mistake! She ended up marrying the guy who turned out to be a horrible user and abuser. We laugh now about how she really should have chosen to participate in my wedding and left him standing at the dock!" — Kathy

Get out of Jail Free Card

"We had a groomsman (my fiancé's cousin) cancel at the last minute because he couldn't pay for his tuxedo after, get this, being released from jail! Luckily my fiancé's good friend stepped in within a week of the wedding, rented a tux and prepared a wonderful speech." *— Azania *

Full of Excuses

"The day before my bridal shower she sent me a message on Facebook saying she couldn't make it to the shower or the bachelorette party the following weekend. Her excuse was that she had started a new job and had to attend training the next two weekends. Since she was my only bridesmaid, I promptly asked two of my friends if they would be in the wedding. She became irate, and we haven't spoken to each other since then." *— Sarah *

'Twas the Night Before the Wedding

"The night before the wedding, my fiancé and I received an email with a long handwritten letter attached from one of his groomsmen. More or less, the letter stated that he wouldn't be able to attend because he had recently quit his job and moved to Europe in search of true happiness and a career change. Oh, and he was broke! Thing is, we knew about the move, as it had happened a few months earlier, and he even bragged about how he'd be traveling the furthest to support us on our big day. He's always been bad at managing money so it's not all that surprising. We didn't care about the odd numbers since there were two extra groomsmen to begin with, but it was pretty hurtful for my fiancé." *— Ellie *


"One of my bridesmaids just didn't show up the day of the wedding. Apparently she had committed to being in two weddings the same weekend and chose the other one over mine without feeling the need to inform me. Needless to say, we're no longer in touch." *— Sam *

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