6 Brides Reveal the Unique Bridesmaid Gifts They Gave Their Bridal Party

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Your bridal party is the crew that sticks by your side through the thick and thin of wedding planning — from the moment your partner pops the question to the last song of your wedding night. And because of that, they deserve some love and recognition and most likely a pretty sweet bridesmaid gift. But don't take it from us; take it from the real brides that gave their bridesmaids the most unique gifts for being a party of their big day.

"My friend Rachel is in the cannabis industry (we live in Colorado where it is legal) so we co-created artisan hand-made goodie bags with that theme. We came up with the name 'budmaid' for bridesmaids because in legal cannabis dispensaries the people who host the 'bars' are called 'budtenders'. Each budmaid got an assortment of gifts ranging from a cannabis-infused bath bomb to a hand-blown glass chakra stash jar." —Zoe (Cosmic Sister)

"My bridesmaids were the most supportive, kick-ass, amazing group, so I gave each a 'Princess Diana' engagement ring as a thank you. The concept of rings was an important part of the whole experience as I'd gifted them with Ring Pops when asking them to be my bridesmaids! So it seemed fitting to thank them with a more permanent ring symbol." —Melody

"I'm into the power of crystal so I gave each of my bridesmaids healing crystal bra clips. A bra is a great place to have a crystal because it's a personal reminder that you tread your own path." —Laura

"All my bridesmaids were married so I purchased each of them a Stella & Dot necklace with their anniversary date engraved. I thought no better way to celebrate my special day than to honor their commitment to love and marriage. Each of them absolutely loved it and it was a nice way to cater to each bridesmaid, despite their style differences. I also gave each bridesmaid matching earrings and a robe to wear while getting ready." —Melody

"Three words: 'personalized bridesmaid sweatpants!'" —Anna

"Adele was coming to town shortly after the wedding and the concert was sold out months in advance. I worked some connections, spent big bucks and — voila — got everyone tickets!" —Toni

"I bought everyone a two year subscription to the Wine of the Month Club because I knew there was many a night during the lead-up to the wedding I'd caused them to go home and uncork a bottle to release stress!" —Rebecca

"Having been a bridesmaid umpteenth times before I became a bride, I felt the best present to give my gals was to help them out financially with the cost of being there for me on this special day. So I chipped in on their dresses, shoes and many other expenses along the way." —Lynda

"I made donations to everyone's favorite charities—and funded a spa day for my bridal party!" —Kim

"My bridesmaids and I love our Godiva so I got everyone a certificate for a chocolate-making course. We took the class together and made fabulous treats. Yum." —Harriet

"I put a lot of thought into doing something special for everyone and I came up with personalized Song Lyric Necklaces. Several of the bridesmaids liked 'Put a Ring on It'." —Susan

Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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