Real Brides With Tattoos Share If They Rocked Their Ink or Covered Up For Their Wedding

Tattoos can still be very polarizing


Many brides to be have a specific vision for their wedding day, right down to their skin. Because of this, some brides to be are faced with a big decision – embrace their tattoos, or cover them up.

Whether pressured by family, or torn between the “look” they want to achieve, we asked real brides with tattoos to share how they handled their ink on their wedding day. From large colorful sleeves to tiny and dainty tats, here’s what they had to say. (Spoiler alert – it’s pretty unanimous!)

“I embraced it! Mine is just a small one on my shoulder but it's a part of me, so no point in hiding it.” — Montana

“I embraced the ink. I got it for me, so why should I cover it up?” — Allie

“I’m going to be showing them off! I have them for a reason, and I love them all.” — Jen

“I showed them with pride. Each one has a special meaning and I wasn’t going to cover them up on the biggest day of my life. It wouldn’t have felt right, and I’m happy I didn’t.” — Christine

“ I TOTALLY rocked it. It’s part of who I am, and he married all of me. Granted, it’s small, but I feel like all women should embrace all parts of them, tattoos and all. Life is too short for regret.” — Jennifer

“I didn’t. intentionally hide mine, but they ended up hidden by my dress and my hair.” —Cassie

“I actually finished my sleeve tattoo within a month before my wedding date because I wanted to show it off. Tattoos shouldn’t have to be hidden on your wedding, they should enhance your beauty and. Show off to everyone the story you have behind them all.” —Alicia

“My wife picked her dress out to show off all her work including her chest piece. I was meant to show off my sleeves, but it was a crazy day and I didn’t have the chance to.” — Marinna

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