Brides Share the Best Marriage Advice They've Ever Received — and Actually Use

Coco Tran Photography

When wedding bells are in your future, friends, family, even strangers feel fit to give you marriage advice. Not all of it will be welcome, but these brides received guidance so spot on, that they use it in their married lives. Here, they share the words of wisdom they've taken to heart. We recommend remembering their words of wisdom once you tie the knot.

"Don't listen to respond, listen to understand." — Misty R.

"Marriage isn't 50/50. You both have to give each other 100 percent. If you do that it will all work." — Kellie M.

"Keep your business to yourself. Your marriage problems are between you and your spouse. Don't share your petty frustrations with your friends and family." — Kendra C.

"No silent treatments. Talk when you're upset and work through it so it's not a lingering issue" — Jennifer J.

"Treat your husband like your best friend first." — Mandy H.

"Realize that not everything they say or do is a personal attack." — Gwen M.

"Always kiss hello and goodbye, even if you're mad at each other!" — Mommie S.

"Be nice to your spouse. It's amazing how rude or inconsiderate some people can be to those closest to them." — Diana Z.

"Always remember the way you felt on this day your wedding day." — Rose D.

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