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A Brides Against Breast Cancer Summer Initiative You Can Join ASAP

Make your big day extra special by giving back.


While you are off planning your wedding this summer and thinking about ways to make the most out of your big day, one thing you might want to consider is how you can give back while also still hosting your dream celebration. You could make part (or all!) of your gift registry a way to give back to a charity of your choice, you could decide to skip the party-themed bachelorette project and instead enlist your bridesmaid squad to join you in doing a weekend service project, or you could do away with party favors and instead use that chunk of your wedding budget to donate to an organization you support.

But one company called Brides Against Breast Cancer, a social-enterprise company that donates a portion of its profits from dress sales to breast-cancer research, is making it easy for you to incorporate giving back during your summer wedding planning.

The Brides Against Breast Cancer website features over 800 like-new or gently used designer gowns with huge discounts. Plus, a portion from the sale of each dress will go to breast-cancer research. You save while also donating to an important cause.

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If you’d rather search the racks in person for your wedding dress, check out the events Brides Against Breast Cancer is hosting in the Atlanta and Florida area this summer and fall.

If you know someone who has already tied the knot and doesn’t know what to do with her wedding dress, let her know she can donate it to BABC. The organization accepts gowns that are less than five years old and in excellent condition. Or, if you’re looking for a way to get your bridesmaids involved in the Brides Against Breast Cancer initiative, consider asking them to volunteer with the organization or make it part of your bachelorette party. You can learn more about taking on that role here.

If you already grabbed ahold of the dress of your dreams but you are still looking for a way to use your wedding adventure as a way to contribute to the fight against breast cancer, here are some other ways you can easily get involved.

1. Add a Breast-Cancer-Awareness Event Into Your Bachelorette Party

Perhaps you want to plan your bachelorette weekend around a local Race for the Cure event where you can spend the morning with your bridesmaids doing something active while also raising awareness for breast cancer. Or you could participate in a women’s health event where you can take different workshops on how to take care of your body, including one that shows how to give yourself a proper breast exam.

2. Add to Your Traditional Registry

If you are starting to see that you already have a lot of the household items that people usually include on their registry, include a section on your registry where people can make a donation to the organization of your choosing in order to use your wedding as an opportunity to give to breast-cancer research.

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3. Rethink Your Party Favors

Instead of shelling out your cash on lavish party favors that your guests might be too tired, too drunk, or just having too much fun to notice on their way out of your wedding venue, buy favors from Buy pins or ribbons, and attach them to an informational card that lets your guests know that in lieu of traditional party favors, you bought these items for them to help spread breast-cancer awareness. If you’d like to, make a donation to a breast-cancer organization with the money leftover in your party-favor budget and let your guests know how they can too on those informational cards.

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