Bride Threatens to Kick Sister Out of Wedding for Cutting Hair

The bride told her to get extensions or hit the road

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Having sisters in your wedding party can be complicated (newsflash: You don’t have to make her your maid of honor) but as one bridesmaid shared on Reddit, it can become even more complex when dealing with a hard-to-please bride.

According to an anonymous poster in the Reddit “bridezillas” thread, this bridesmaid's sister got so angry after she cut her hair for charity, she threatened to kick her out of the bridal party.

“I decided to cut my pretty long, lower-back-hitting hair into a pretty short, shoulder length cut and donate the heavy, 14 inches of hair,” the poster wrote.

While the bride was aware that her sister had plans to chop her locks and initially responded “positively,” she apparently wasn’t quite as supportive once the deed was done.

“I sent a picture of my new hair in a group chat to my family and my sister immediately said, ‘Oh, my God, why would you do this right before my wedding?’” the bridesmaid explained.

Beyond her less-than-enthusiastic reaction, the bride held being part of her big day over her sibling’s head while requesting she wear faux hair. “Today [she] told me I had to get extensions or I was out of her wedding,” the bridesmaid wrote.

The bridesmaid held her ground, telling her sister that she was not paying to have extensions put in and to leave her out of the wedding if it bothered her so much.

She reasoned: “I know how stressful weddings are. I am married, I had a wedding. And I would never dream of being angry at my sibling for cutting her hair.”

There was some indication that the bride might be finicky about her party member’s hair ahead of time: According to the sister, she “stated she would rather us not have unnatural colored hair, just in case it clashes with her dresses” (which just so happened to be neon orange).

The anger over her cut was baffling to the sister, however, as the other bridesmaids also have short hair: “One bridesmaid has a pixie cut, another has the side of her head shaved, one has a F**KING MULLET,” she wrote.

Commenters were quick to side with the bridesmaid, assuring her that her newly shorn locks looked great and not to worry about her sister’s reaction. “She stated she didn't have a problem, so her reaction is all on her,” one opined.

“[If] someone asks you to be a part of their wedding it should be because they want you there for who you are what you mean to them,” someone else pointed out. “It shouldn’t be a question of who looks good enough to be in the photos!”

Others tried to see things from the bride’s perspective: “This isn't about your new hair cut not looking good,” one wrote. “I'm guessing your sister had an idea of how she wanted her bridesmaids hair styled and your hair is maybe too short for that now so she's freaking out.”

Added another: “Sounds like wedding stress is getting to her.”

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