Bride Steals Wedding Bartender's Tips to Pad Honeymoon Fund

Um, not cool


There are cringeworthy brides ... and then there are thieves. One bride managed to become both when she decided to pad her honeymoon fund with the hard-earned tips of her wedding bartender.

A poster named "Brookey" took to the Bridezillas thread on Reddit earlier this week to share how she became a victim of theft.

According to the bartender, she was working a social club wedding where she had been earning tips all night via a tip jar she had placed on the bar—a practice her company allows, so long as they haven’t been instructed not to do so by the couple or a honeymoon jar hasn't been requested in its stead.

Just ahead of closing time, however, the bride sauntered over to assess the tip jar, which was by then full of money.

With just 10 minutes until the bartender’s shift was over, the bride decided to ask for a honeymoon jar—the same jar, in fact, that had been designated for the bartender’s tips. “She says she was thinking that she wanted a honeymoon jar and despite hearing from guests how amazing I was ... she says no way people would have tipped and that they must have thought it was for her,” the poster penned on Reddit.

The bride’s solution? Take the money and run. “She then takes all the money out starts counting it and throws me $20.50,” the bartender lamented.

Adding insult to injury, the bride also made her crawl for her the 50 cents. “The change falls on the ground and then she tells me to look for it myself,” she wrote.

Though the crestfallen bartender tried to see the bright side, writing, “I guess I should be happy she gave me anything,” she was admittedly upset. “I honestly felt so sad about this. I worked so hard.”

Not many were on the bride’s side in this instance, with many pointing out that a honeymoon jar has no place near the bar.

“If I put money in a jar on the bar, I expect it to be for the bartender,” one wrote. “A honeymoon jar can be ANYWHERE ELSE.”

Agreed another, “If I was a guest at her wedding, and I found out that at the end of the night, all the tips I had given to the bartenders were taken as a honeymoon fund, I would be furious! Cause if I saw it labeled as a honeymoon fund, I would directly tip the bartender.”

In fact, most agreed that this went well beyond a misunderstanding and veered into actual theft territory, with comments of, “She stole from you,” “This is straight-up theft” and “This is not OK.”

Some even suggested that the bartender take legal action: “If it's feasible, take her to small claims. Add in the cost of the filing in your demand. Get your money back. The woman flat out stole from you,” a poster advised.

Summed up one commenter: “Lowest of the low.”

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