Bride-to-Be Complains About 'Hideous' Engagement Ring, Asks Fiancé to 'Melt' It Down

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Updated 04/29/19

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Remember on Sex and the City when Carrie accidentally finds the engagement ring Aidan is planning to use to propose to her—and absolutely hates it? When he does eventually pop the question, it's with a different (more Carrie-esque) ring that Samantha helped him pick out. Unfortunately for one bride-to-be, the first half of this story basically became her reality.

The woman explained the situation in a (now-deleted) Facebook post captured by The Sun, writing that the bauble was made to resemble a dog's paw print. (You can check out the silver band and solitaire diamond here.)

"I love my future husband but I forced him to melt this down and turn it into not-a-dog paw," the woman's post read. She really kept the dog-theme going by calling her fiancé "barking mad." She also added that dog-themed jewelry was where she "draws the line."

Commenters on the original post were divided about the woman's behavior. "Like you said, this is a ring you have to wear every day for the rest of your life. It needs to be something you like," one wrote. Another said, "It's a cute ring, but definitely not for an engagement ring."

Others felt the bride-to-be was acting ungrateful in the wake of her now-fiancé picking out something he obviously thought she would like. "I'm shaming you for shaming him when he tried to make something niche and specific to your relationship," one commenter added. Another thought the dog vibe wasn't quite so obvious and the woman should "wear it with pride."

Of course, it's up to the bride if she wants to the keep the ring. (Plenty of brides actually return their ring or share their feelings with their partners.) But we don't recommend shaming anyone in a public setting like social media. Here are a few, better suggestions for how to handle the delicate situation which hopefully this bride can use. . .

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